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Stereo Skyline

May 28th, 2010 by Megan Washington

May 26, 2010 –
By: Megan Washington
Label: Columbia Records
Video Interview: Available here.

* AP named you one of their 100 bands you need to know for this year. So, who are some bands you think your fans should know about that may not be on anybody’s radar yet?
Kevin: The Bigger Lights. That’s our answer, as a band. I don’t know if you have a different answer.
Brian: Yeah, I think Parachute.
Kevin: Oh, yeah.
Brian: I think everybody needs to know about Parachute.
Kevin: Agreed.
Clayton: I would say, there’s a band on this tour called Great Big Planes that are going to take over the world in the next couple of years.
Rob: If it’s not with music, it’s with something.
Kevin: Yeah.
Brian: They’re going to take over the world.

* This years Bamboozle Road Show has a little bit different of a format; it has two stages. So, how has it been touring for you guys with a bunch of different bands compared to, you know, other tours where there is maybe three or four other bands?
Kevin: It’s alot different. It’s fun. It turns into a party at night.
Rob: You get to hang out with so many more people. There’s always options. Like, on a normal tour there’s–you know–always four or five bands, but now there’s like ten or twelve. So, there’s just so many different people you get to hang out with.
Brian: It’s pretty cool everyday going into the catering room and going to sit down at lunch.
Kevin: Yeah, it’s like…
Brian: You’re always sitting next to someone new.
Kevin: It’s like the lunch room.
Brian: It’s pretty crazy. The other day me and my dad had lunch with Hanson.
Kevin: Yeah, see?

* Do you guys like touring with more bands better compared to the smaller tours?
Brian: I think it’s alot of fun.
Kevin: I think it’s alot of fun. I wouldn’t say that I like it better, but it’s still definitely just as cool.
Brian: It’s fun to mix it up, you know? We’ve been doing a solid year of straight touring with the traditional four bands package deal, so it’s fun to mix it up for sure.

* AP also mentioned that you guys rock like Metro Station, Hey Monday, and We The Kings. Do you agree with those comparisons or do you guys think you maybe sound like somebody else?
Kevin: We’re flattered. Yeah, I don’t think we sound exactly like them.
Brian: I definitely think we would be put in the same boat as them.
Kevin: Yeah.
Brian: You know, which is where I think it came from.
Kevin: I mean, we kind of are on the same tours as them.
Brian: I don’t think there’s like a direct reflection of them in us as far as sound.

* You guys just did a video for “Tongue Tied,” which was your first video. How would you guys rate your experience with that?
Kevin: It was awesome.
Rob: It was really cool. I know Clayton has alot of experience with shooting music videos, but for me it was my first time. It was definitely something new but definitely liked it.

* When can your fans expect to see it?
Brian: Oh! Actually, I got this. At the end of June it should be released.
Rob: I thought it was going to be some epic answer. (laughs)
Kevin: Yeah! Like, “Our video for ‘Tongue Tied’ comes out on like July blah blah blah.” Then you were just like, “At the end of the month.”
Brian: Well, I know for a fact that it will be out at the end of the month.
Kevin: Sweet.

* Other than the photo you guys had twitpiced or something, with the red shorts and the red jacket, is there anything else you guys can give away about the video?
Kevin: Yeah.
Brian: Ummm…yeah…
Kevin: We had alot of extras that were really good ping pong players, we wore some ridiculous clothes for awhile, and what else?
Clayton: There’s a little bit of a love story going on between…
Brian: Yeah, I had to flirt with this Asian girl.
Clayton: Yeah.
Brian: I mean, I did. (laughs)
Clayton: It was fun.

* Are you guys still going to have your July release?
Kevin: Yeah.
Kevin: Yes.

* Do you have a date yet for it?
Brian: Not an exact date.
Kevin: End of July.

* You guys recorded in Los Angeles. Did you work on it anywhere else, or was it just specifically in Los Angeles?
Kevin: Yeah, we recorded in a bunch of places, actually. We did alot of it out in Santa Monica, in California. Then we did some of it in Hollywood, California. Then we did half of it in New York–New York City.

* Who did you guys work with on your album?
Kevin: A bunch of people (laughs). We worked with S*A*M & Sluggo for a couple of songs. I worked with Blake Healy from Metro Station for a couple songs. We did…
Clayton: Adam Schlesinger.
Kevin: Yeah, Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne. Just a bunch of great producers. Chad and Scott…

* Are there going to be any guest appearances on the album?
Kevin: Not for singing, but there’s this cool little phone call in “Tongue Tied” that Cassadee Pope did. No one’s going to know it’s her unless you watch this interview, but it’s funny.

* What is your ultimate summer jam, that no matter when you guys hear it, you automatically think of summer?
Kevin: That’s such a good question, but such a hard one to answer.
Brian: Oh my gosh. You know what? It’s this really old school one… what was that song? What was that band that says, “I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch”
Kevin: I was just going to say that!
* LFO!
Kevin: LFO, yeah.
Brian: Yeah, LFO. For some reason, LFO reminds me of summer.
Kevin: Now that song is going to get stuck in my head. Yeah that makes me think of summer. I’m not going to say I listen to their album, but when I hear that song, I think of summer.
Brain: Oh, no. I don’t either.

* Do you guys have one?
Rob: I’m trying to think…
Clayton: “Stanky Leg,” the soundtrack of my life.
Brian: The soundtrack of my life? (laughs)
Clayton: …and that includes summer. “Stanky Leg.”

* Did you guys by any chance watch The Buried Life on MTV?
Rob: I saw a couple of episodes.
Clayton: Yeah, we saw a few episodes.

* Okay, so if you guys could do one thing before you die, what would it be?
Rob: There’s so many.
Kevin: I have alot of these actually.

* What’s at the top of your Bucket List though?
Rob: Some girl actually came up to me at a show and said that getting a kiss from me, on the cheek, was on her Bucket List. I was very flattered.
Clayton: If I could go on a date with Taylor Swift someday… that’s probably my highest hope.
Rob: I want to be on a deserted island by myself.
Clayton: We can arrange that.
Brian: I want to play an arena. That’s what I want to do before I die.
Kevin: Yeah. I want to play an arena. I don’t want to win a Grammy, but be nominated for one.
Brian: Yes. I mean winning…. yeah, yeah, yeah.
Kevin Winning would be sweet, but the Bucket List is to atleast be nominated for a Grammy.

* Just go to the Grammys?
Kevin: Just go to the Grammys and be nominated. Just so I can say I was a Grammy nominee.

* Our last question for you guys is, what would you like to say to your fans?
All: Thank you.
Brian: For everything.
Kevin: It’s the reason we’re here.
Brian: This tour is a festival tour and people don’t have to watch us if they don’t want to and it’s really incredible that we have kids that are coming out and just having so much fun with us every day when they could be listening to Good Charlotte or Hanson, or something crazy.
Clayton: The cool thing about festival styling is that it gives us more of a chance to be able to be more open with the fans, be able to have more time where you can be more personable. As opposed to a show where it’s only a couple of hours where we have to be kind of fast with talking and meeting people.
Kevin: We have all day to just walk around and meet anybody and hang out with them. Brian road roller coasters with fans the other day.
Brian: For a couple of hours. Just chilling.
Kevin: He wanted to stop after two, but he kept going.
Brian: But, I just kept rolling. But yeah, this tour has been awesome. I think we’ve connected better with our fans on this tour than ever.
Kevin: But the next tour is going to be even better for fans because we’re doing a headlining tour, to promote the album. The first like couple of people that buy the album get to hang out with us before the show and stuff.
Kevin: Play some kick ball.

* Who are you guys going to be touring with?
Kevin: This summer we’re going to be on tour with The Audition, Cash Cash, Cady Groves and the Downtown Fiction. It’s going to be alot of fun.