Paper + Plastick To Release “Nightmares” Split featuring Nightmare Of You and Nightmares For A Week

July 18th, 2012 by Megan Washington

Paper + Plastick Records will release a split featuring Nightmare Of You and Nightmares For A Week this Halloween. Dubbed the Nightmares split, the record will feature two brand-new songs from each band.

“We had the idea to bring the bands together as a play on their names, obviously, but also because they don’t really sound that much alike,” Paper + Plastick founder Vinnie Fiorello says.

While Nightmare Of You features a new-wave pop rock style, Nightmares For A Week plays a brand of darker pop-punk in the vein of early Alkaline Trio or The Gamits.

You can stream a new Nightmare Of You song called “Give Us A Kiss” right now on the band’s website. THIS SONG WILL NOT BE FEATURED ON THIS SPLIT. The split will have two never-before-heard songs from each band. Nightmare Of You also has a feature on Newsday up as well.

Please announce the split and its Halloween release date, and link to the new Nightmare Of You song (but be sure to note it isn’t one of the two tracks from this release). While nothing is official yet, Paper + Plastick will surely come up with something awesome in terms of artwork and packaging for the Nightmares split. More info will be coming soon.