OK Go 7/23/14- The Echo

July 24th, 2014 by Tori Holder


Youtube. Choreography. Confetti canons. Technicolor suits. Few bands are so instantly associated with their presentation as OK Go. But if their live shows prove anything, it’s that there’s just as much function to the band as there is form. Giddy anthemic rock function, full of quirk and technological innovation that sets them apart from the bumper crop of giddy anthemic rock that swarms our ears every summer. The band unveiled a lot of new songs from their forthcoming album this fall (expect a glowing review as soon as we get our paws on it) that fit in like sparkling punctuation between the well crafted words of old favourites like “Get Over It” and “Do What You Want”. As always with Ok Go, a solid set of songs new and old ripped through with joyful ferocity is not enough to make a concert, and this tour’s treat was delightfully interactive (for those unfamiliar, each OK Go tour brings a new special feature: including but not limited to the dance for “A Million Ways” performed live, “What To Do” played on handbells, and an encore delivered in light- up jackets with laser shooting guitars). This time, the band was (relatively) dressed down, and used audio clips of the audience stomping and making various sounds to create an audience generated instrument to play some of their songs with. These are the kind of touches, along with the insights on the brilliance of film the Babe 2: Pig In The City and the helpful tip that “all OK Go dances start with axehands”, that make an OK Go show a truly unique experience, whether it’s your first time seeing them live or your first time seeing them live this week. Upcoming shows and album preorder at okgo.net



Oh, and not to worry, OK Go are still singlehandedly supporting what we assume is the entire confetti canon business.