Interpol- Everything Is Wrong

December 2nd, 2014 by Tori Holder

Monday after a holiday weekend, sick and missing a show — Interpol’s Everything Is Wrong had us at the title. Aside from pleased to see another Shepard Fairey collab in the form of a Brooklyn mural promoting the latest single off El Pintor, we were truly stoked to be tipped off about the easter egg in the band’s new site: enter “everything is wrong” into the site and receive a free download of the charging- meets- ephemeral track (in term’s of Interpol’s trademark sparse sound it almost feels wall-of-sound-y). And if that weren’t enough, good things come in pairs with the added bonus track What Is What. The song rattles off unexpected at the start and then wraps us in their signature desolate allure that has us hooked . Essential listens for all your cuddling up and stockpiling soup (in case of winterpol part 2).


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Seriously, why wouldn’t you?