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December 5th, 2010 by Megan Washington

November 26, 2010 –
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Stephanie
Label: Fearless Records
Video Interview: Available here.

* You guys just did a cover of “O Holy Night” for the new Fearless Christmas album. So, is there any chance you’re going to be including that in your set for the next couple of days?
Jason: No, not for the next couple of days. We didn’t really have time to learn that. We went in the studio and pretty much wrote it as we went–or arranged it–as we went. Just kind of figured stuff out like, “Oh, this would be cool here, that would be cool there.” Never really sat down as a band–I don’t think we’ve actually ever played that song as a band. But, everyone just figured out their parts as we went. It was pretty interesting.

* We read that you guys finished recording your full length in September. Are there going to be any guest appearances on it?
Jason: We haven’t nailed any down yet. We’ve got a couple that I’m keeping my fingers crossed on. Nothing that’s been recorded yet. We’re just kind of waiting on somebody, so (laughs).

* So it’s still a work in progress then?
Jason: Yeah.

* Cool. Are there any other details you can discuss about the album?
Jason: I can tell you that it’s coming out in March or April. I think the official title for it now is called The Truth Is. I’m really excited about it, thirteen songs, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

* You guys have toured with A Day To Remember and Secondhand Serenade, among others of coarse, so do you think that playing with such diverse artists has benefited your band?
Jason: Absolutely. I think anytime you play to more people than–or to outside the box, I guess–anytime that someone hears your band that wouldn’t pick up the CD is a good thing. You know, even if they don’t like it, just the fact they know who you are. Maybe they have a friend that they think would really like us and they show us to them, you know. It’s always a good thing.

* Do you feel more at home with a certain genre touring wise?
Jason: Not really. I mean, tour is tour to us. I’d like to say that pop tours or the Secondhand tour are a little bit easier–stage wise–just because the kids are all there to see one kind of music. They automatically love your band if you’re on this tour, pretty much. It’s easier that way, but I mean for the most part, tour is the people you’re touring with–it’s the bands you’re with and things like that. The shows are just kind of bonuses.

* Cool. True or False. You have seen Deathly Hallows.
Jason: Yes.

* True. Did you like it?
Jason: I loved it. It was so good.

* Did you read the book too or do you just see the movies?
Jason: Absolutely, I’ve read them all. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.

* Awesome, hollar! What house do you belong to? Have you done the test online?
Jason: I’m Gryffindor. Take that.

* I was Slytherin. This year is almost over already, so what’s one thing that you are the most proud of having done in 2010, as a band?
Jason: We made it to a bus! This is our first tour ever on a bus. It’s my first tour ever on a bus. It’s kind of awesome having this to be on.

* Having room to move?
Jason: Yeah, it’s so much more comfortable. Trying to fit ten people in a van doesn’t work out that well.

* Have you thought about any New Years Resolutions yet?
Jason: I really haven’t. I feel like we just really haven’t had much time to breathe over the last couple of months. But, we’ll get there (laughs).

* What’s next for you guys, aside from the album, in 2011?
Jason: Tour. Just tour, tour, tour. Trying to touch as many people as possible and get to as many ears as possible.

* To close with, do you have any profound words of wisdom for your fans?
Jason: I live my life by a couple of sayings. Two of my favorites, “Without the bitter you can never fully appreciate the sweet.” Just meaning, you know, things are bad and it sucks but it makes the better so much better. And, “Without blood on the sword, it’s just a toy.” To me, that just means like go out and get your hands dirty. Don’t talk about things you don’t know about. If you’re a writer, don’t write about things you don’t know about. It’s, like I said, “Without blood on the sword, it’s just a toy.”