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Forever The Sickest Kids

April 11th, 2011 by Megan Washington

April 13, 2011 –
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Megan Brown
Label: Universal Motown
Video Interview: Available here.

* Your new self-titled album came out March 1st, and it’s your second full length–and a lot of the time people throw around the term, “sophomore slump.” So, what do you think it is about your album that has gained so much support from your fans to make it not necessarily be that “sophomore slump”?
Marc: I think that we just tried to be ourselves on the album–you know? We got to go home and write for a few months and put all of our heart into it. So, I think that’s how it turned out the way it did.

* In today’s music scene, most bands release one album and then they tour around for a little bit and then you never hear from them again. So what has been the secret that has kept your band moving and allowed you guys to have numerous releases?
Marc: What’s that stuff we get in the morning?
Jonathan: Oh, yeah! Orange juice and joy.
Marc: Yeah.
Jonathan: You can’t get joy from orange juice.
Marc: No.
* No?
Jonathan: No.
Marc: Joy comes in the morning and then you get your orange juice.
* Oh!
Jonathan: You understand?
* Yes.

* Did you guys have any songs that you scrapped from Friday that you maybe wanted to fine tune and then put them on the new album?
Jonathan: Yeah when we were writing, like Marc said, we took a lot of time to write the full-length album. So, I think there’s a lot of B-sides that didn’t make the album that we still listen to on our laptops, and still they’re good songs, but whenever we decide to make a full-length album we want to make sure that every song on there, all five band members feel totally passionate about.

* What track took you guys the longest to write?
Marc: That’s an easy one, “Robots Vs. Aliens.”
Jonathan: (laughs) Oh my god.
Marc: I think we worked on it for like, not constantly, but I think it took us about six months to finally finish it.
Jonathan: At least.
* Why did it take so long?
Marc: The chorus.
Jonathan: We’ve tried about six different choruses with that song.
Marc: And actually, what we did is we had another song that was going to be a B-side that we really, really liked the chorus and everything just fit together. That’s one plus of writing a lot of songs is you can take a piece from elsewhere and kind of put it together.
Jonathan: Kind of like a puzzle.

* Which song was the most fun to record?
Jonathan: I’d probably have to say, “Crossroads” because that’s the one that changed the most from the demo into the final version. It all was a blast, especially the ones we did with David Bendeth. But, I would probably say for me, it’s “Crossroads.”
Marc: Yeah, I’m going to agree with that.
* What changed between the demo and the finished product?
Jonathan: Shut your mouth and get down on the floor. I was just reading your shirt.
* Yeah!
Marc: Can I bring my friend in to the interview? Donald.
Jonathan: Donald, come on over.
Marc: Donald Duck, right there. Can you zoom in on my friend? He’s coming.
Jonathan: He’s really late for the interview.
Marc: Come on Donald, get in here. We’re tired of waiting on you.
Jonathan: Oh, he dropped it!

* What’s the biggest difficulty you guys had to overcome with creating the album?
Jonathan: Wait just a second. Donald is at the beginning of “Crossroads.” He goes, “Quack!”
* Oh, that was him? Thanks for clarifying.
Marc: Question, again?
* What was the biggest difficulty you guys had to overcome with creating the album?
Jonathan: Each band member had to lose about eighty-five pounds. David Bendeth required us to be a certain weight limit based on our height. I came into the album at 212, and I actually had to lose the most. I lost 55 pounds. You know, Marc already had a slim six pack-looking body and David still found six pounds that weren’t allowed to come in the studio.
Marc: Yeah, I couldn’t bring the six pounds.

* So your new single is “Crossroads,” and everyone keeps asking you guys about the video for it. But, you guys tweeted last night that you recorded a portion of it or what exactly?
Marc: (laughs) Here’s the deal. It’s a stop-motion video so everything is going to be pictures and maybe we’re using some light graffiti throughout it.
Jonathan: Really?
Marc: Everything that you will see will be pictures and we go to every city and film ten seconds of it and those ten seconds of it take about two or three hours so every day we put in three hours of work on it. It’s slowly coming together. I think it’s 85-90% done right now.
Jonathan: So, three hours of work equals ten seconds of video.
Marc: Maybe. If you’re lucky.
Jonathan: If you’re lucky.
* So the video is taking a realllly long time.
Marc: Yeah.
Jonathan: Sometimes three hours of work gets ten seconds of video that’s not going to get used.
Marc: Yeah.
Jonathan: So then you don’t even make progress, although you’ve done work on it.
Marc: Yup.
Jonathan: What we’re trying to say is, soon.
* Soon. Very soon.
Marc: Very soon.

* Right now you guys are on the Spring Break Your Heart Tour. So, what’s something you’ve learned from another band on this tour?
Jonathan: I learned that you don’t leave your backpack in the dressing room unattended, no matter what venue you’re in. ‘Cause, there are thieves even amongst us. One in four Americans is a thief. That means, you’re probably a thief (points to camera). Do you have the title to that camera? See!
Marc: Stolen camera.
Jonathan: Stolen camera.
Marc: Hot goods right there.
Jonathan: Hot goods.
* Did you learn something different?
Marc That’s definitely a valuable lesson. All of the bands have been real nice. One of the biggest things I took actually happened on the last tour and I’ve applied it to this tour is Good Charlotte was really friendly to us and went out of their way to talk to us and make us feel welcome. So, I definitely try to do that to all of the bands that are out with us.

* Summer is right around the corner, so what’s your all time favorite summer jam?
Jonathan: Do you know the Katy Perry song, “Firework?” I figure that would be a good one for July 4th-ish, which is summer time.
Marc: I would say, like at sunset, you put on Empire of the Sun, “Walking on A Dream,” and you’re just walking down the beach with a sunset.
Jonathan: That almost wasn’t a fair answer. I haven’t been there yet, but I would imagine our song, “Summer Song” would sound great in the summer.
Marc: Probably. I bet it’s a good summer song.
Jonathan: Yeah.
* We’ll find out.
Jonathan: We just haven’t gotten to that point.

* If they ever made a movie about the band, who should play each member?
Jonathan: Caleb would have to be played by Zach Galifianakis.
Marc: That would definitely be Caleb. Kyle would be Susan Sarandon or the guy that played Mr. Belding [Dennis Haskins] in Saved By The Bell.
Jonathan: There was one episode of Saved By The Bell where they said, “There’s two Beldings in one building and one of them balding.” That was Screech. Austin would have to be played by none other than Pirates of the Caribbean lead actor…
Marc: John.
Jonathan: John (laughs).
Marc: John Depp.
Jonathan: John Depp, yeah.
Marc: I might put a casting call out there for Carrot Top, for myself maybe. He’s a funny guy. Maybe even Paulie Shore, I don’t know.
Jonathan: I’d probably be played by Jim. Jim Carrey. Him, or Brad. Brad Pitt. Mr. Pitt.
* Would you guys want a cameo in the movie?
Jonathan: Oh, yeah.
Marc: Yeah, definitely. I would probably play the person that was playing me and I would play them.
Jonathan: That would be awesome.
* It would be a weird turn of events.
Jonathan: It would be fun to act alongside John. John Depp.

* To close with, do you guys have any profound words of wisdom for your fans?
Jonathan: Yeah, ride the lightning.
Marc: Life’s a garden, dig it.
Jonathan: Life’s a garden, dig it. Turn it up.
Marc: I don’t want to overload with wisdom.
Jonathan: No, three’s enough.