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Artist Vs Poet

August 2nd, 2010 by Megan Washington

July 23, 2010 –
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Marti Martin
Label: Fearless Records
Video Interview: Available here.

* The last time we talked to you guys you mentioned that your collective goal, as a band, was to play Japan. You recently did that on the Beyond The Blue Tour. So, did Japan live up to your expectations?
Joe K.: Oh, my God.
Joe W.: It was even better.
Joe K.: Japan was incredible. Totally eye-opening, culture shock, it was everything we could have imagined.

* Did you guys try any of the sesame seed ice cream?
Joe W.: No.
Joe K.: They had a lot of weird ones. A lot of weird ones that we didn’t get to try because we’re poor.

* That’s for next time.
Joe K.: Yeah.

* So now that you guys have played in Japan, what’s the new goal?
Joe K.: The UK.
Joe W.: Austrailia.
Joe K.: Austrailia.
Joe W.: The Soundwave Festival.
Joe K.: I want to get on that so bad.

* Favorite Fix was released in March, and prior to that you guys released the Damn Rough Night EP, which was your second EP on Fearless. So as far as the EP goes, did you guys record an over abundance of tracks for your full length that made you want to put out an EP beforehand?
Joe W.: There’s still songs that haven’t been released.
Joe K.: It will probably be down the road, but we’ll probably release like——or something like that. We recorded about eighteen, nineteen tracks total.

* I think your fans were also hoping for a video for Damn Rough Night. They said it would be pretty “epic.” So, why no video?
Joe K.: We were doing the video for “Damn Rough Night”, but we changed our concept. We decided to do a video for “Adorable” instead. We shot it, but we don’t know if we’re going to use it. We’re definitely shooting a video, but it’s going to take some time. We want it to be really good.
Joe W.: We don’t know when it will be released.

* So it will be epic?
Joe K.: Yeah, it will be epic.

* Speaking of the “Adorable” video, when do you plan on releasing that for your fans?
Joe K.: We honestly don’t know. It’s in the early, early stages of being put together. It’s been shot but we might have to do some re-shooting, but we don’t know. So, I wish I could give you some more information.

* You guys are going to be going on the Fearless Friends Tour, I guess that’s going to be in October, you guys stoked about that?
Joe W.: I think we get the dates next week, actually.
Joe K.: Yeah, October/November is what we know, so far.

* Who are you guys looking forward to playing with the most on that tour?
Joe W.: I mean, we’ve played with some of the dudes.
Joe K.: I mean, yeah, some of the dudes that are on here—we’ve played with them all—but I guess we’ve always wanted to do a tour with Mayday as like a headliner, it would just be sweet. We’ve been listening to them for years.

* Right now you guys are sharing a bus with Versaemerge. Are you kind of stressing going back to the van and having tight quarters again?
Joe K.: They both have their ups & downs. The van has like the comradery and everybody is close together, but the bus is honestly great for this tour.
Joe W.: Except for on days like this when everyone is soaked.

* Last question. If you guys could pick one song that would wrap up this summer, and you could think back ten years and be like “that was summer 2010,” what one song would that be?
Joe K.: That’s a hard question.
Joe W.: We could get cheesy with it and say Green Day “Time of Your Life.” Like high school graduation! Or…
Joe K.: It kind of feels like we’re at summer camp.
Joe W.: “Semi-Charmed Life?”
Joe K.: Sure, yeah.
Joe W.: It’s a feel good song.