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All Time Low: Spring Fever Tour Review

April 16, 2013
By: Megan Washington

Often times bands find themselves in the situation where they are growing in a different direction than their fan base. They repeat the same material over and over again, spew the same lines out at the crowd during live performances and essentially look like robots that have taken on a human form under the lights of the stage. There is, however, a band that will never be categorized under whatever category the above mentioned band would be filed under.

All Time Low is no stranger to the Tampa, FL area. A particular friend of mine was once handed a flier to an All Time Low show that took place in the early 2000’s, and recently brought that flier with her to show the band. She lit up as she recalled the experience, “Alex was like, ‘Oh my God, where did you get this from?!’ and I was like, ‘You gave it to me a really long time ago!’ He couldn’t believe that I still had it.” It’s always clear that the band enjoys connecting with their fans that have been there since their humble 2003 beginning… just as much so as their newer fans that continue to spring up all over the place.

So what can All Time Low offer you if you have been thinking about catching them on the Spring Fever Tour? 1) Fantastic opening artists–You Me At Six and Mayday Parade, 2) Pierce the Veil–who has been running up the musical charts as of late, 3) The usual sex and boners jokes…. and…. we’ll why don’t we just get right to the show…

The lights dimmed, the crowd roared, and a psuedo Michael Buffer stepped into the spotlight that was fixed center stage. The announcer, dressed in his suite, promises inappropriate jokes for the next sixty seconds and then begins announcing each member of the band individually. The members trot out from the left side of the stage wearing boxing robes while the crowd’s volume continued to escalate. Rian’s introduction stated that people probably don’t know that he is in the band and that he resembles a potatoe while Alex’s introduction says he is the shame of his family. “Lost In Stereo,” kicked off the hour-long set which also featured fan favorites such as “Jasey Rae,” “Therapy,” and “Dear Maria.”

All Time Low put on a fantastic show for everyone in St. Petersburg, FL on April 16th. Despite it being an outdoor venue and temperatures reaching a hot and very sticky 90+ degrees, the band delivered an action-packed performance for all in attendance. The band was very interactive with their fans–grabbing masks (Jack wore a Batman mask that a fan threw up on the stage), sunglasses, bras, and all of the in between and making them part of the scene. By mid-set, Jack’s microphone stand had a collection of at least five bras going. While the opening artists only played a few less songs than All Time Low, ATL used their longer set time to open conversation with their fans who had been faithfully waiting in a line that was wrapped well around the block for the show. It’s always refreshing to see a band want to connect with their fans rather than just going through the motions of a live show–that’s one of the things that sets All Time Low apart. I’ve personally seen All Time Low more times than I can begin to count, and their show was fun, fresh–yes, even after the band has played some of these songs for almost a decade–and exciting. The lights danced across the stage and around the giant ATL acronym that was the backdrop for the band’s performance.

All Time Low Set List
1. Lost In Stero
2. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
3. (missed this one–sorry!)
4. Jasey Rae
5. 6 Feet Under the Stars
6. If These Sheets Were States
7. Outlines
8. Hit The Lights
9. Backseat Serenade
10. Therapy
11. So Long, and Thanks For the Booze
12. Weightless
13. Dear Maria

Mayday Parade Set List
1. Jamie All Over
2. When You See My Friends
3. Black Cat
4. Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Vic Fuentes from PTV)
5. When I Get Home You’re So Dead
6. Everything’s An Illusion
7. Jersey
8. Oh Well, Oh Well

VERDICT: It’s not by accident that several of these shows have sold out. Get your ticket, bring your friends, prepare to meet new friends, and enjoy a few hours of solid performances (mixed with some incongruous but always funny jokes).

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