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Interview | Upside

July 13, 2002
By: Shana Loupe and Megan Washington

• Introduce yourselves.
I’m Ben, I play the guitar.
Josh: I’m Josh, I play bass.
Owen: I’m Owen, and I play the drums.
Sid: I’m Sid, and I sing.

• What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment as a band?
The CD.
Sid: I’m going to concur with Owen on this one. I’m going to say the CD in general. We worked really hard on it.

• What’s the best way for a fan to catch your attention?
(Mimicks Flashing)
Sid: I would say walking in front of the camera when we’re being interviewed.
Owen: That dude wins.
Sid: Yeah, he wins.
Ben: There’s various tactics, a slap always gets attention.
Owen: I think if they look like they enjoy it.

• What has been your most memorable performance?
The Legion hall shows are so much fun.
Sid: The CD release party. Then a show we played at the American Legion hall in Norman (Oklahoma).
Ben: A place called Lucky’s in Dallas (Texas).

• Do you like pineapple?
Yeah! I love pineapple.
Ben: I’m a fresh pineapple fan.
Sid: Not alot of people actually know this but it’s a natural, help me out with the word, anti inflamitory.

• What CD’s are you currently listening to?
Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains.
Owen: Incubas, Eminem.
Sid: I think in my CD player right now is Audiovent.

• What’s your favorite cartoon?
The Simpsons.
Josh: South Park.
Owen: The Simpsons, they’re hard to beat. I gotta go with Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
Josh: Ok, I change to The Simpsons.

• What’s one thing that nobody knows about you?
I just got this. (Shows Tattoo)
Josh: I have bad posture.
Owen: I don’t know, come back to me…
Sid: My turn, hmmm
Owen: Wait! I got one! Nobody knows that when I stand like this…Laughs

• What has been your weirdest fan encounter?
Does this count? (Laughs)
Sid: I’m going to go with anyone in Fort Scott, Kansas. That is a weird fan encounter!
Ben: I agree!

• What’s your favorite song off of your CD?
“One More Try”, I like that.
Ben: Yeah.
Sid: I’m going to say, “Salvaging The Pieces.” It means alot to me.

• Is there any special meaning behind the band name?
I think it means something different for all of us. I think alot of people think it’s like, “happy things,” but it’s more like what we are trying to get to. It’s got the world we live in, and life, it’s kind of the outside.
Owen: If you go to a show and all of the bands are really bad, and then we play, it’s kind of the Upside.

• We had a request to ask you this, so who is your celebrity crush?
Eddie Vetter.
Sid: Brad Pitt, definitely.
Band Friend: Hey, you are supposed to say ME! (Laughs)
Ben: Courtney, you are number two.

• Describe your clothing style.
My clothing style is whatever’s clean.
Ben: A basketball jersey.

• What is your inspiration for when you write your music?
It’s random. I could be driving to my friends house.
Sid: Josh has a one track mind, he can’t multi-task. Laughs
Josh: I don’t think that was the question.

• Anything else you want to say?
The Force of Nature is my inspiration.
Sid: (Laughs) We’re about two questions away from that now.
Owen: I think our greatest accomplishment would have to be… (Laughs)