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Interview | Tony Romanello Band

July 13, 2002
By: Shana Loupe & Megan Washington

• Introduce yourselves and what you play.
I’m Tony Romanello and I sing and play guitar.
Brian: I’m Brian and I try to play bass.
Tony: That’s Josiah, he plays the drums. Andy plays the guiar and he’s running over here now.

• What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment as a band?
Sticking together. We’ve played all over Oklahoma. We’re making music and having fun.

• What has been your most memorable performance?
It was eigther the Sony thing or May Fest.
Tony: May Fest 2002.
Brian: Better Than Ezra.
Tony: Yeah, that show was awesome.

• Do you like pineapple?
I do, yes.
Josiah: Pineapple, without a doubt, all joking aside, is my favorite fruit in the whole world. Seriously.
Brian: Even on pizza.

• If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Wembly Stadium.
Andy: Amsterdam.
Tony: I say, Yankee Stadium.
Josiah: Yankee Stadium, yeah that’s pretty awesome.
Brian: Red Rocks would be really great.
Josiah: I want to do the Big Day Out Tour, which is the big outdoors festival in Austrailia.

• What CD’s are currently in your stereo?
Tony: Jeff Buckly.

• What’s your favorite cartoon?
Bugs Bunny, The Simpsons.
Brian: Yeah, The Simpsons.
Andy: The Powerpuff Girls.

• Have you had any weird fan encounters?
Laughs I don’t know if we can talk about them.
Brian: I stuck my hand in one once, and kinda hurt myself.
Tony: A fan?
Brian: Oh! Fanatics.

• What’s your favorite song off of your current release?
I like “Part II”.
Brian: “Shades of Grey”.
Andy: I like “Into the Blue”.
Josiah: I’m going to go with “Dances”.

• Is there any special meaning behind the Tony Romanello Band name?
Because I was named after a…
Andy: Italian Mobster. (Laughs)
Tony: I think it was a Monk in New Dheli. My name is really Tony Smith, but we’re like Leonard Skynard, there’s no one really named Leonard Skynard in the group.
Josiah: There’s a blues band called the Tony Romanasa band.
Tony: We were introduced one time as the Tony Romancho band. (Laughs)

• What would you like to tell your fans?
Buy our stuff.
Tony: I mean, besides coming and supporting us so we can get on the road.. broaden your minds and go out and check out new music.
Brian: Don’t be a slave to just what you hear on the radio. If you are looking for something new and good, you really gotta search.
Josiah: You know what I want to tell my fans? I know it sounds cheesy Everyone Laughs Yeah, they are all MY fans. What I would want to say is thanks because there’s such a lack of adventure. People automatically adjust to what they are handed on the radio and it’s like, “Okay, I’ll like that!”. When they go see a cover band, they are happy because they are playing what they are used to. The people that come out to see our show, no matter if it’s like 10, 200, or 2,000, they are being adventurous and that’s admirable.

• Where does your inspiration come from when you write your music?
Me, personally, is trying to connect with the audience.
Andy: I do it just to make Tony happy. Laughs Most of the time we have an outline of what’s going on and we just throw in our own parts. When Tony sings, it’s kinda like he’s reaching out to someone.
Josiah: The element of dynamics. There’s alot of ups and downs. It seems pretty simple but there’s alot of music out there that, especially with new modern rock, that really misses that. They just want to hit it hard and heavy and be out there.
Brian: Yeah, the dynamics bring in the emotional impact.
Andy: It’s alot like dramatics in a way. It tells a story, it makes sense.