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Interview | There For Tomorrow

July 26, 2008
By: Megan Washington & Jessica Crawford

* Tell us about your self-titled EP that’s coming out on the 5th.
Um, what about it? Well, we did it with James Paul Wisner who’s worked on records like All We Know Is Falling by Paramore. He’s also worked with UnderOath, Dashboard, The Academy Is…, a lot of bands we’ve been listening to for awhile. He’s a really great dude. We’ve actually worked with him in the past before so some of the older songs that are on the CD were done with him as well. The older songs that are on there are remastered. We brought them up and changed them up. There’s three brand new songs. Most kids that are just getting to know us, all the songs are new. I don’t know how long you guys have followed…

* I have Pages.
Okay, there you go. So you know! I mean, the older songs do sound different though. They sound better, and cleaner than they did on the older EP. It’s gonna be out in stores. It’s out right now on iTunes. We’re definitely looking forward to it. We’re going to be touring through the rest of this year in support of it. I think it was announced, the Anberlin headlining tour in the fall, we’re opening.

* Cool, you guys are also playing at Warped Tour next week, right?
Yeah. We’re doing some Midwest stuff. It’s like Milwaukee, Chicago…

* Why no Florida?
Well we got offered that All Time Low tour, and that ran right into Florida’s Warped Tour. We’ve done Florida Warped Tour before, and I’m sure we’ll be doing it next year. We really like saw the All Time Low tour as a great opportunity for us, so we definitely wanted to do that. We got to know those dudes a little bit. They’re really nice guys.

* What was it like making the video for, “No More Room To Breathe?”
It was really fun. We filmed all the outside stuff, all the acting sequences, at a University around where we live called UCF. So everything was done in our hometown. Which is kind of cool for kids that are from our hometown that when they watch the video they can pick out certain things. It was definitely like, doing that video, was different from doing the video for “Pages.” The crew and everything was just so more upscale. It was more than we really expected. We were blown away by the crew and the production. Everything was just great. Everything came out really well. It’s been getting alot of buzz on MTVU and stuff like that.

* So what’s it like to be on MTV and see your video and stuff? You guys had an interview up there too, right?
Yeah, to tell you the truth, I’ve never seen the video on MTVU before because I don’t get MTVU. I’ve never actually seen it on the station. It’s pretty rad. I know it gets alot of spins a week and stuff. I’ve seen the backstage pass interviews and stuff. It was really cool to go up there and be in the MTV offices and stuff. We’ve never done anything like that before.

* I’d imagine that’d be pretty awesome.
Yeah, I know! It was really cool. It was just kinda weird to already be doing stuff with MTV so soon in our career. We’re really fortunate to be able to do something like that right now.

* When you guys started did you think that, “Wow we’re going to be on MTV one day?”
Oh, did we ever think? It was something we always hoped to do, and to get there. There’s always a chance. We never thought we wouldn’t, you know? We’re always shooting as high as we can. Now the next step is just TRL or something. (laughs) Something big.

* So what is it exactly that you guys are hoping, as a goal– a main goal, to accomplish with your music?
As a band, we’re really just trying to be a positive influence on kids. We have alot of younger fans. We definitely see alot of kids going in the wrong direction in their lives. Mika writes all the lyrics in the songs and he really like tries to portray a really influential and positive meaning behind the songs. We don’t want to have any regrets. Everything so far has been going great for us.

* Why did you guys classify the band as ambient on Myspace?
(laughs) Dude, honestly, do you want to know the truth? Do you want to know why it says ambient? Honestly, to tell you the God honest truth, Chris thought it looked cool to put ambient up under our name. So I was like, “Okay, we’ll put ambient there.” I swear to God, that’s why it’s there, and I don’t know. Honestly, in a way, it kind of makes sense ’cause some of our songs, with the sampling, there is an undertone feel to some of the songs– especially some of the newer songs– which I don’t know if you’ve heard the newer songs? You have to check those out.

* Who’s been your favorite band to tour with?
Umm… I don’t know. I don’t know the Cartel guys that much yet because it’s the third day of this run and we just met them three days ago. They’re really awesome dudes. As far as spending alot of time with them, I don’t know… there’s definitely alot bands that we tour with– we love every band that we tour with, and we get along with every body. Some of our dearest friends out on the road are The Morning Of from New York, and definitely All Time Low has been really great to us. Those guys gave us a great opportunity by taking us out on the road. VersaEmerge from South Florida.

* Record companies are pretty sue happy with people for illegal downloading. Do you think illegal downloading has helped or hurt your band?
Right now it’s hard to say. I know it definitely helps smaller bands just by simply the fact that it gets the name of the band out there, and it gets the word out. I think once the band gets to that point where it’s hurting them is when they’re definitely a bigger band and their depending on their record sales, you know? It definitely hurts the bigger band alot more. In a way, it also hurts the smaller bands that are trying to make it because records aren’t selling like they use to. It definitely hurts. If anything, why can’t get they it on iTunes? It’s not that expensive.

* Yeah, a dollar.
Yeah, 99 cents for one song, you know? It’s cool. It also hurts the bands that have one song that’s the only song that anyone likes. They just go on iTunes and get that song. Whatever.

* So, what’s next?
We’re doing a tour with Ivoryline. Their on Tooth and Nail. That goes up the West Coast. That should be fun. We haven’t been out west in a good like, six months. It’s been awhile. We’re definitely excited to go back out there, and Vegas and stuff. Super stoked for that. After that, we’re doing a fall tour with us, Straylight Run, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and Anberlin– That’s October/November. We’re definitely excited for that, it’s going to be huge. Then, I think we’re going to be taking a little break in winter time. Hopefully, we’re shooting for early ’09 going in to record our full length. No promises, but that’s what we’re aiming for though.

* No promises? We’re going to hold you to that though. Just sayin’!
(laughs) We’re hoping too, that it all goes according to plan!

* Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?
Besides, definitely picking up the EP in stores August 5th? It’s super important to us. Basically, just come see us out on the road. Keep telling kids about the band and helping us out in anyway. I think we have really awesome fans. Stick with us, and stay real.