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Interview | The Maine

July 29, 2008
By: Megan Washington
Video interview available here.

* Your album, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, just came out July 8th so tell us about that.
It did! It came out July 8th. (laughs) And it’s the best album to ever have been made. Nah, it’s uh, hopefully it’s like a summer album that people call roll with the windows down to it.

* We’ve been trying to find a music video, but we couldn’t find one. Do you guys have any plans of making one?
It’s funny you ask, actually. We’re getting treatments right now back from directors and stuff, or writers. We got one back today. It’s kinda weird. It’s all a new experience to us, like working with actual people that do it. We’ve tried to put videos together in the past and they all just kind of fall off. We’re excited to do an actual video. We’re shooting probably in Septermber, I think.

* Any secrets about the video?
We don’t even know what it’s going to be about yet. Yeah, exactly, so… but uh it’ll be fun either way.

* Speaking of the internet, do you think the internet with downloading, illegal downloading, has helped or hurt your band?
Um, I mean, I don’t know whether it’s helped or hurt any bands. I mean, just the cold reality of it all is that people don’t buy music anymore. They don’t buy CD’s, and they rarely buy iTunes stuff. So, it’s so easily accessible for you to download stuff that it’s like… as long as kids are listening to it. Hopefully they are the kids that are going to come to shows and buy stuff (laughs). But, I mean, I think you can’t deny it. It’s still going to happen no matter what, so you just kinda gotta roll with it.

* What made you guys decide that this is the genre of music that you guys wanted to pursue?
We’re heavily influenced by stuff from the 90’s. We’ve been listening to alot of that stuff.
* Like New Kids on The Block?
No, (laughs) not so much. Sorry, Jordan Knight.
* We kinda love them.
John: Aren’t they doing a reunion?
* We’re secretly going to that.
Yeah? (laughs)

* What’s the story behind, “The Maine”?
Like, the name?
* Yeah.
I got it from a band called Ivory. I mean, there is a some-what-significance to it. It was kind of the reason why I’m in this band because I did a cover of one of thier songs at some party and then I recorded it with Pat the next day. He was like, “That’s cool.” I joined the band. It was a song called, “The Coast of Maine,” and it was just appealing to me. Band names are just so stupid. It’s hard to come up with.
* They have band name “generators” online now.
* You just type in a word, and…
That’s so silly, dude. I mean it’s like if you hear something that many times it just becomes like nothing to your head. So like, if you really think about some of the band names out there, really think about them, they are really ridiculous.
* And they don’t make sense.
They don’t make sense.

* If you were stranded on a deserted island, and we promise we won’t tell anybody, but which one band member would you want with you?
* We’re just kidding. What three items would you bring?
Three items… do I, am I like able to live on this island?
* You are stranded there for life.
I’m stranded there. I’d probably take a large knife, and a flint thing to start a fire.
* Oh, you watch Survivor?
Yeah, Survivor man! And probably one of those…. shoot… dude I don’t know. What would you bring with you?
* We’d bring you, John.
* You should probably bring somebody with you on the island.
A girl to recreate, to start our own civilization and become a founder.

* When your fans come to see you play, what’s something that they can expect to see?
I don’t know. We like to chill with people. We like to actually go out and interact with people. I don’t know, that’s something that bands don’t, atleast in my perspective, they don’t do a whole lot. It’s hard because alot of the venues that we play at are really weird about letting you out and yell at you. We just try to make it like, we’re just– kids. You know what I mean? It’s not like we’re different. We’re just playing music. There’s no difference from us playing music to the girls playing soccer that come to see our shows. You know what I mean? We just try to make it as personal as possible. Maybe that experience that you can have, I remember going to shows and if I got to talk to somebody, I’d be talking about it for the rest of the year. Then hopefully going to see them again and buying t-shirts and stuff. Obviously, the goal is not to fool people. We’re actually just down to earth kids, and we’re just like everyone else.

* I saw some of your guys’ video blogs.
Yeah? (laughs) Yeah. We stayed on the beach last night. I don’t know what it was called. It was pretty nice though.