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Interview | The Ready Set

June 23, 2009
By: Bridget Washington & Megan Washington
Video Interview: Available Here

* So you had a release today on iTunes, didn’t you?
* Tell us about that.
It’s a song called “Stays Four The Same,” and it’s the new first single off my new full length that’s probably going to come out in the fall. But, it is also on the tour EP that we have, that we’re selling here, with two other songs. So, it’s just new. It’s a lot different than my older songs though. I’m stoked on it.

* You did your last EP [Syntax and Bright Lights] and your last full length [Tantrum Castle] in your basement.

* So, did you feel like you were loosing any kind of creative control with working with other people?
No, because I had everything completely ready before I went in there to record it. But like, the only thing that got even like messed with kinda was just some arrangements and like help building the songs up. So, it was really, completely, just everything I wanted. It sounds a lot better now.

* And when you say itÂ’s going to be different from your older stuff, what do you mean by that?
There’s a lot more real instruments in it; there’s real drums, a real bass. We used like, the big old grand piano on stuff. I don’t know, it’s a lot more-—it’s a lot less like electronic, I think. Some of the songs are. It’s a lot more of a different style.

* What was the first CD that you ever got?
That I ever bought?

* Yeah.

* Or, cassette, maybe?
The first CD I ever bought-—I think it was like the soundtrack to the musical Cats. That was my first thing that I-—yeah, you know? That was one of my first things that I actually went out and said, “I want that.” Like, I had received CDs as presents but that was my first-—you know what I mean.

* Are you a Broadway fan?
No (laughs). I might have been when I was like seven, or something.

* Interesting.
I know, it’s really weird.

* Right now, you’re currently on tour with NeverShoutNever! and Boys Like Girls. So how has the tour been going so far?
Its been really good. The shows have been awesome; they’ve been huge. Like, I don’t know. It’s just been really fun. Everyone has been really receptive and cool—like everyone in the crowd. So, it’s been awesome.

* Do you guys have any prank wars going on or anything?
No, not really. We’re not really around too much other than at shows because they’re both in buses and we’re in a van still doing it that way.

* What do you think is the most important thing that you’ve learned about yourself on this tour?
That I need to sleep a lot, because I can’t do anything if I don’t sleep—then I get really sick all the time. So I just need to watch that, and I need to take vitamins. That’s it too, because I get sick all of the time. It’s bad news. If one of us gets sick, then everybody gets sick ‘cause we’re stuck in the van—yeah he [Matt] just got sick. So, we’re all doomed with that.

* How has The Ready Set evolved since you started it?
Um, like I think definitely the song writing has got stronger, like I got a better sense of kinda what I’m doing. Just like I said, I’m putting a lot more real instruments in and kinda moving away from the super-electronic kind of stuff. It’s just like a slow progression—just from like one kind of style to the next.

* A lot of people are saying that youÂ’re the new Cristofer Drew. So, does the comparsion bother you, or how do you feel about that?
It doesn’t really bother me. Like, I don’t really think much of it. We’ve gone into shows—like the past few nights—and people think I’m him. It’s kind of funny. But, I don’t like get offended by it or anything. Its whatever. We’re both doing two completely different styles of things. So it’s like, theyÂ’re very unrelated, you know what I mean—like, the kinds of music. So, I don’t know. People can think what they want, but he’s a cool dude. I’ve known him for awhile. I don’t know—just whatever.

* You’re going to be touring next with Ryan Cabrera and The Scene Aesthetic after that. So what are you looking forward to with those tours?
I think they’re going to be a lot different than this one. I think the Ryan Cabrera tour is going to be almost like—be a lot more intimate kinda shows. I don’t know. Tours like that, you get more of a chance to hang out with other bands, kind of, I guess. I’m pretty sure everyone else—no one’s on a bus any of those tours. We’re all on the same time schedule and stuff, like we’ll go along at the same rate. It’s always exciting to meet new bands and people. It’s like a whole different like scene with both of those bands. It will be all different kind of people coming out, I think. So, it will be awesome.

* Do you have any final words?
It’s really hot in Florida, and I’m not good with heat.