Interview | Stevie Brock

April 14, 2003
By: Megan Washington

* What’s your favorite song to perform from your first CD?
Stevie: “Never Gonna Give You Up”

* What is one thing that you want everyone to know about you?
Stevie: That I’m Stevie Brock and not Aaron Carter.

* We ask everyone we interview – Do you like pineapple?
Stevie: Yes, I like them diced!

* What is the easiest way for a fan to catch your attention?
Stevie: Be polite.

* What do your friends think of your newly begun successful career?
Stevie: They are very supportive.

* Do you feel that you miss out on certain ‘kids’ things since you travel and perform?
Stevie: No, because I’m doing what I love and I see my friends when I’m not working.

* What is your ultimate goal as an entertainer?
Stevie: To be successful at what I do and do it forever!

* Since you have the gift of being such a great lyricist, were you able to co-write or fully write any of the songs that will be on your album?
Stevie: Although the songs I’ve written didn’t make it onto this album, I was able to collaborate with some of the producers and I learned a lot from them. I’m looking forward to having my own songs on future albums!

* What’s your favorite part about touring?
Stevie: Performing and hanging out with my backup dancers.

* What would you like to say to all your fans?
Stevie: Stay cool, do good in school. I love you all–Y’all BROCK!!!