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Interview | Stereo Motion

November 29, 2003 –
By: Sarah Braun

• What do you feel Stereo Motion’s greatest accomplishment has been so far?
We started the band almost 6 years ago and we were terrible. We had just started playing our instruments and we were only 11, 12, and 14-years-old. Our guitar player, Brent Lain, had actually gotten his guitar only 2 days before our first practice. We were just starting out and had no idea what we were doing. Listening back to our first few demos we made here at the house, it’s quite hard to believe we have even come this far as musicians. The fact that we got a record deal and recorded a “real” record live in the studio is a miracle. Who would have thought we would even have the ability to do that 6 years ago. I say the progress we have made as musicians and songwriters has been a huge growth in the band. We’ve really learned and come to understand what it means to actually be decent musicians and songwriters. In the past few months we have played many shows. We have really developed a great vibe between the four of us on stage. The way we play off each other and jam has been quite an accomplishment.

• Where did the name Stereo Motion come from?
We were thinking of names for the band and we decided to put two words that we liked together, Stereo Motion.

• How would you describe your music?
Good, hopefully.

• What sets you apart from other bands?
I guess we sort of have a distinct sound. Also we are one of those “jam” bands I guess you could say. When we play live we tend to break out into some instrumental jams consisting of guitar and drum solos. We have a lot of energy on stage, but its not the crazy “butting heads and head banging” kind of energy. We don’t do the whole moshing thing. We actually prefer our audience to not mosh and to pay attention to the music, ya know? We like to get the crowd involved though in singing and dancing if they feel like it. We encourage a little hip-twisting now and then. But I would hope our music is what sets us apart. We like to rock n roll but we also have a soft side. In fact, the 4 or 5 ballads on our record are my favorite. Most rock bands don稚 have that soft side a lot of the times, but we like jazzy stuff that we incorporate with our music.

• What is your favorite thing about writing and performing?
Using your imagination, being creative, and trying to take the listener on a journey. I also enjoy telling stories through songs, which we are starting to do with our newest material. Playing live is fun cause your entertaining people, and hey that’s what we are, entertainers. It’s a good adrenaline rush.

• If you weren’t performing, what would you be doing?
I have no idea… Seriously.

• What CD’s are in your stereo right now?
Queen – “The Game”… great record, Sting – “Brand New Day”, and Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”.

• Here’s a question we ask everyone we interview: Do you like pineapple?
Yes. I’d like to jump in a pool of pineapples and ranch dressing right now actually.

• Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Still single. Still composing and performing music in this band or elsewhere.

• What can we look for in the band’s future?
We are going to try and tour as much as possible, we have some more singles releasing to radio pretty soon–so listen out for them.