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Interview | States

Photo Credit: Ethan Luck

February 1, 2012 –
By: Breanne Gill & Megan Washington
Band Website:

* How is it being in a newer band now that you’re older and have more knowledge about how things work? Is it a different or a more easy experience?
Mindy: I think it definitely paid off to have previous experience before starting STATES. Things are a lot easier this time around, knowing already what to do and not do, and how to make the right decisions, like don’t drink coffee before a set unless you want to sound like that parrot from Aladdin.

* How has the response been to the new band? Have you retained fans or do you feel like your fan base as broadened/ changed?
Mindy: It’s been great. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I feel it’s a good mix of our fans from previous bands, as well as new fans we’ve gained just from releasing this record and touring. Especially on tour, most of the people I meet seem to have never heard of us before our set, and are at merch afterwards buying the record, which really feels like we must be doing something right up there haha.

* What song are you most proud of as a band thus far?
Mindy: My personal favorite is probably “Can’t Explain” because it’s the most fun to sing, it’s about magic, and you can really dance and have fun with it. Plus it’s about magic, no other reasons needed.

* With all of the national talk going on about internet piracy and censorship, as a band, do you personally care if kids download or buy your music?
Mindy: I mean, yeah. If we’re being honest, illegally downloading music is literally killing the artists that you love to listen to. If you don’t support them by buying records, they can’t support themselves, thus, can’t create more music for you to enjoy, can’t tour. There’s just no money coming in. It’s a hard knock life in the music world lately, haha, and most of us are barely getting by. But on the other hand, if someone is listening to us at all, we’re stoked. So it’s kind of a love-hate thing.

* You guys are from different areas. How do you work out the long distances between you to make this band work?
Mindy: Stephen and I both live in Nashville. The rest of the guys are in Orlando and Lakeland, FL. So either Stephen and I drive to FL, or vice versa to practice. Writing usually starts with short half-ideas made on Logic or Reason, sent around in email. If I come up with something lyrically and melody wise, we push it forward to our practices and make it into a full song.

* Right now you are opening for Anberlin. When do you see yourselves taking the jump to go out on your own headlining tour?
Mindy: Not sure, I mean the good thing about being a support band is you do just that, get to support great bands who usually have different fans than you already have, which helps. I don’t think headlining is the best option for a brand new band like us who NEEDS to gain as many new listeners as possible. Headlining is way better when you can sell out venues by yourselves and take out smaller bands.

* You’ve discussed previously the new freedom you have with States to write and create. How has that been? Easy or maybe sometimes frustrating in trying to find a new sound?
Mindy: It’s the best feeling to have creative output. I love it. With anything, it can be frustrating. Like recently, I’d been stuck for weeks on a song and really been stressing out over it. But one day, it just happened to click and I ended up writing & finish the entire song in an hour. It’s weird how it works.

* With having all the attention now as a lead singer, do you find it more nerve wracking or is it something you’ve come to enjoy?
Mindy: At first it was really difficult, just to envision myself as a lead singer at all. I knew what I was getting myself into atleast, so I prepared. And I still do. Weeks leading up to tour or recording, I take extra care of my body and build up endurance so that I can sing and move around on stage without sounding like I’m passing out.

* Favorite album or artist of 2011?
Mindy: I know some thing she’s over played by now, but I adore Adele and her recent 21 album was such a brilliant record. She deserves every bit of recognition she can get.

* Anything profound words of wisdom that you would like to share with your fans?
Mindy: Just want to send a huge thank you to all of our fans who truly support us.. you keep us inspired and able to do what we love to do. It means the world to us, and we’re so so grateful. And for those just now hearing about us, hello, nice to e-meet you. wait a sec, what are you waiting for! Listen to “Room to Run” before you’re left out!