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Interview | Saosin

November 25, 2008
By: Megan Washington, Nicole Jacobs-Roberts, and Danielle Curry
Video interview available here.

* We came across some information that you guys are going to be releasing another full length studio album in 2009?

* Have you started working on it yet?
Cove: Yup.

* Who’s producing it?
Butch Walker’s producing it.

* Are you guys going to have any guest appearances on it?

* Possibly?
Cove: There’s a good possibility, yeah.
Beau: I’d say atleast fifty-percent.

* Any secrets?
Cove: Lots of secrets.

* Do you want to share some secrets?
“Secrets” is one of the songs.
Cove: Yeah! No, there’s gonna be some cool stuff on the record, and uh, Tim is going to write every single song for us. No, it’s more personal, I think, for all of us on this record. It’s more of like a close knit family. We’re a close knit family, so we’re working better together and the songs are better.

* Why did you guys decide to release the “Grey EP,” before a new studio album?
Are you familiar with the “Black EP” that we put out?
* Not completely.
Okay, well it’s only five songs. It’s basically demos, before we put out the last record. So it’s the same thing, it’s demos of songs that might be on the record.

* How is the new release going to be different than previous releases?
I don’t know. It’s just…. it doesn’t feel different to me. It’s kind of the stuff were into right now.
Cove: Musically, you’re right. It is somewhat of a progression there. Like I was saying, we’re a more tight knit group of people now than we were when we wrote the last record. Or anything ever, really. With this record, it’s more of a, I don’t know, it’s more of everybody kind of pushing each other and picking up where people left off. When one person doesn’t get inspired, the next person kinda takes over– that’s what I mean by picking up where they left off. Um, lyrically, it’s alot different for me. It’s not as– it’s hopeful, but not as like straight in your face like things don’t make, like they make sense– but it’s not blatant. It’s a good step forward for everybody. Heavier songs are heavier. Softer songs are softer, and it’s cool.

* Where did you guys draw your inspiration from for writing the new material?
Everywhere. *laughs*
Beau: Everywhere, almost, except for what’s out right now. It’s kinda funny because most people come up to us like, “Wow did you hear about this band, or this band?” and every single time someone asks me that, I’m like, “No, I’ve never heard of any of these.” I mean, personally I just don’t listen to any new music that’s coming out. I kinda feel out of the loop.
* Well there’s so much stuff.
There’s alot of stuff. I think something that’s cool about us is that when we try to pick a tour or bring a band out with us, we try to bring bands that we actually like. You know what I’m saying? There’s alot of bands, like he was saying, we don’t really listen to alot of new stuff because we don’t really like alot of new bands that are writing new material. So its kind of is hard for us to like all decide on what we’re going to do with our touring schedule, but we really enjoy touring with UnderOATH because we do like their music. You know? We may not listen to it everyday, but they write great stuff. We don’t really listen to alot of new music. We listen to alot of older stuff. I think just drawing inspiration from that will help out, us, in the long run. Alot of new bands draw from newer bands, you know what I’m saying? There’s alot of up and coming bands that you look at their Myspace profile and it’s like you know, the oldest band on there is Thrice. When you see your bands name on there with a bunch of other new bands like, “If you’re fans of Thrice, Chiodos, Saosin, Silverstein…,” or something like that, and you look at it and it’s like “Wow, Thrice is the oldest band on there. They’ve been together the longest.” It makes no sense, you know? It’s tough to kind of pull inspiration from stuff now because there’s so many bands.

* Since this is the last day of the tour, what’s the one thing that you have learned the most as a band on this tour?
Ooooh. I hate when we get asked these questions because I seriously have an answer for them all, like all the time! I’ll be walking around and like, or something will happen on tour where it’s like, “What’s the craziest thing that’s happened on tour?” When I’m walking around thinking about tour, some crazy stuff happened! But when we get asked these questions like this, I’m like blank.
Beau: One of the things I’ve learned, and it’s probably very true right now, is that you can never be too prepared for anything. Anytime you think you know the answer to something it’s always going to be something to stump you.
Cove: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I would even bring that to our show; our live show. It’s like stuff happens every single day like, we have been writing our new record and when we were in the studio we had a big huge open room to practice in and record drums in and we’d have these smaller rooms and for all of us when we’re in the studio some things can go wrong but it’s an easy fix for the most part. You know? Whereas, when you’re playing live you only have forty-five minutes to play as many songs as you possibly can, which is kind of our mentality. When something goes wrong and you have to cut a song out of the set, which you’ve been playing for weeks straight or two weeks straight, you have to get use to that change. When you’re missing out on a song that’s potentially gonna make the crowd go even crazier, it’s a big bummer. So, I think just being prepared for something that could go terribly wrong is something we’ve all learned like, how to prepare better for it when stuff does go wrong. *laughs* Because, there’s been alot of stuff that’s gone wrong on this tour.

* What’s some new information about the band, that you’d like your fans to know, aside from the new album coming out?
Some new information….
Beau: We’re going to be going, as soon as the records done, we’re going to be doing Warped Tour and then before that I think we’re going to try to do a World Tour so everybody outside of the US, we can go back and visit all of them again. We’re gonna try to do South America….
Cove: South America, South Africa, potentially Canada. We’re just– to all the places of people that are seeing this or reading it, from different countries that we’ve never been to, we’re definitely going to try to go to alot of different places so that they can see us for the first time before this records officially released in their own country. So like he said, we’re going to South Africa and South America for the first time. So we’ve got one record out and probably twenty-some-odd songs out and we’re gonna go there for the first time and kids are going to be able to hear those songs being played. Hopefully when the record comes out, we can go back and play a bunch of new stuff. It’s all going to be new to them so it will be fun. I’m very excited.

* Do you guys have any juicy road gossip?
Juicy road gossip….
Beau: Not really.
Cove: Not… alot…. alot of stuff has happened on this tour. I don’t know. There’s nothing like too juicy that’s like, “Oooo this is going to put both our bands or all three of these bands in like some serious trouble.” You know what I’m saying?
* So no headlines of Perez Hilton?
No, no headlines on Perez.
Beau: I wish! That would be awesome!
Cove: That would be awesome, but we’re all boring people. We’re all normal. People will come and thier like “Oh my gosh, your life is like so cool! You must have like the best time.” All of us just look at each other and we’re like, “Yeah we play and then jump on our bus and go to bed.” Whatever. It’s fun sometimes. Most of the time, we’re just hanging out, you know? Five dudes and we just chill.

* Do you guys feel you’ve had to break through any stereotypes as a band?
I don’t know.
Cove: I don’t really care. I don’t think any of us really care about it.
Beau: Yeah, I don’t think… not that I would– I don’t recall any moments where like, “Oh man I wish someone would stereotype us as this type of band.” I don’t recall anything like that.

* What kind of image do you guys feel that your music conveys?
Cove: Yeah, it’s all a positive message, you know? On some of the newer stuff, it’s a little darker sound I think, for me vocally. But still, buried underneath all of that there’s still a positive message to be given. Half the reason we wrote the record the way we did the last time around, and the way the lyrics are written that way, was because so many other bands who we typically get lumped into the same categories with were writing these songs that were not as hopeful. So when we’re stacked up against– we’re playing a tour like Taste of Chaos, where there’s six-seven-eight bands on and four out of the eight bands have– not necessarily a negative message– but they don’t have a certain amount of hope for kids to grab on to. We stand out. I think that’s kind of like what we’ve always tried to do is just stand out. Even though we get lumped into a genre with bands that are as diverse as like Strungout to Taking Back Sunday and Taking Back Sunday to My Chemical Romance. People, I don’t look at My Chemical Romance as being anything like us, or being in the same genre even. I don’t really look at Strungout or UnderOATH or Taking Back Sunday as even being anything like us either. When we get lumped into categories it’s just kinda weird. So we just try to stand out as much as possible with what we’re doing and what we’ve always done. Trying to do it better this time than we did the last.

* Do you guys think illegal downloading has helped or hurt your band?
Cove: Both. The way this band started was illegal downloading. I illegally downloaded Saosin stuff before I even joined the band. So, it all started that way. It’s never gonna stop. It’s only going to get worse. I mean it helps, but it doesn’t. If you were selling candy and some kid could steal candy off the internet, you’d still sell candy, you just wouldn’t sell as much.
Beau: I think you could probably answer that question by taking out the word “illegal”. Is illegal good or bad?
Cove: Exactly.
Beau: There’s actually a Kid Rock video on YouTube, it’s pretty funny. You should check it out. Kid Rock talks about illegal downloading. It’s pretty funny.
* I can only imagine.

* Is there a message you would like to give your fans?
Cove: A big thanks. We say it every time, but we really mean it. We wouldn’t be able to do this if we didn’t have kids listening to our music. Whether it be illegally, or they really buy it. Either way, it’s just a big thanks for coming out to the shows. That’s what we’ve always wanted to do; be on the road and tour. Hopefully, more kids can keep coming. Just a big thanks.

* If you could be any flavor of ice cream, what would you be and why?
Cove: Peppermint? Okay. Probably–what is it– Neapolitan? Yeah so I could be chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry all at the same time. Cause that’s just a great blend! You know what I mean? You get sweet, plain, and chocolate all at the same time. It’s awesome.

* What’s your ultimate karaoke jam?
I get– here’s the thing with me about karaoke. I’ve never sang karaoke before. So, every single time we always go out to karaoke while we’re on tour, I don’t go because I’m deathly afraid of singing karaoke. And yet, I do it every night. It’s weird. I do it every night on stage but I just…
Beau: Ryan Adams – “Oh My Sweet Carolina”
Cove: That’s what he loves to do. What do you like, karaoke? Ultimate karaoke song.
Justin: I just like Chris singing. Chris does Garth Brooks so well. It sounds like Garth Brooks is singing the song. It’s amazing.
Cove: Yeah. I’m too afraid of singing karaoke because I just don’t want to mess up the words or the melody or anything.
Justin: Every time I think about doing a song, it’s like an eighties song. Their vocals are way too high for me to sing. So, even all the songs that I know, I can’t sing.
* Like Cyndi Lauper?
Justin: Exactly!
Cove: I can just never remember any of the words to Cyndi Lauper’s songs.