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Interview | Our Last Night

October 31, 2012
By: Megan Washington

* You’re kicking off the start of ‘Talk Your [S]#?! We’ll Give You A Reason’ Tour on 11/2. What kind of tricks do you have up your sleeves for fans that come out to the shows?
We have not been supporting on a tour in a long time, so we are excited to have a shorter action packed set. We will be playing songs off of each of our records, and it will be the first time that the USA gets to see us as a 4 piece. Fans don’t need a to hear a reason to come and see us, they just should come out and see for themselves.

* Age of Ignorance was released on August 21st. How long did it take you guys to work on the record from the planning stages to the finished product?
We have been working towards this for a long time. Each of our records have gradually progressed to a more main stream sound, we have a lot of songs that are similar to older material, but we got to expanded our horizons and tapped different influences for this record. There is not a very specific time frame that this happened, but to ball park for sake of answering the question a year or two.

* Did you have a particular goal that you wanted to accomplish with the record? If so, what was it?
We are hoping to reach new fans, different age levels, and possibly tour with new bands that we have not been on the road with before. We would like this record with everything its saying to reach fans and hopefully connect with people in different age groups.

* David Bendeth produced the album. How did the decision come about to work with him? What were you hoping he would add to your stuff?
For years we have loved the bands he has produced and worked with. It was a no brainer, and we had a great experience working on this record with him.

* Are there any current plans for a music video to support the new record (not including performance/live videos)?
We are planning on shooting a music video while we are in LA on this tour. It is set to be filmed in Los Angeles on Nov 15th. We are not yet able to say what video we will be releasing it for, but keep a look out for that to be announced soon!

* Your Fans tell you all of the time about how much Our Last Night means to them, but what does Our Last Night mean to you?
Our Last Night is everything in our lives. We have dedicated the last SIX years to this band, and the people who back it. Without the fans that come to shows, buy our records, purchase merch, or even the people who come up and just thank us for performing or writing our music there would be no reason. We obviously do not do this for the money, but we do it for the feeling we get while we are on stage nightly, and the reaction from those who are there to see us perform.

* Does anyone in the band have a secret pre-show superstition or ritual?
We all have our own way of getting into the “Mood” but one band ritual we have is we light numerous incense on stage during our set.

* Give us the lowdown for what everyone can expect from Our Last Night in 2013.
You tell us. Many bands in the industry get eaten alive for stepping out and trying new sounds and creative ideas in the studio. We will have to see what tours we get next year, and what kids continue to think of our new record, we are just happy to do what we do on a daily basis and hope that kids begin to understand what we are trying to get across to them.

Ps. Kids need to learn to respect a band for what they are trying to do. We do not owe fans a record that is identical to the record that THEY loved. We are growing up, and experiencing new things, and feel the need to express what we have learned or have seen. People who expect a band to continuously release the exact same kind of record are silly, there is no growth, and there is nothing new about it. Grow with a band, realize and respect what they are trying to say! This is not a fashion show nor is it a competition of who’s tougher, who has more breakdowns, make up or gimmicks. Listen to the music, listen to what it has to say and let it attach itself to you as the records that have helped many throughout the years have done so. We hope to write a record that 10 years from now you hear a song, and it immediately brings you (the listener) back to a specific situation, a specific time, or even a specific hardship you encountered. This is what music should be.

For More Information:
@OLNband on Twitter