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Interview | Natalie Burge

January 20, 2003
By: Megan Washington

* From the experience you had with American Idol, what’s one thing that you learned about yourself?
Natalie: I could go on and on. American Idol taught me so much. If anything it showed me how much I want to be apart of the music industry. Though American Idol was a TV show. Just being surrounded by so many artists who love music as I do.. it was amazing.

* Do you like pineapple?
Natalie: I am a fan of pineapple yes.

* Where do you see yourself in one year?
Natalie: Putting the finishing touches on my first album. Releasing the album and showing this world what I’ve got and what I have to say.

* When did you realize that being a professional performer was a goal that you wanted to achieve?
Natalie: When I was 4 I walked into my dance studio and once I set foot on that floor my heart was in love. Sounds so stupid but it’s so true. Ever since I started dancing I’ve wanted to perform. It wasn’t until I started singing when I was around 6 that I knew for the rest of my life this is what I’m going to do. It’s what I have to do. I eat, sleep, and drink music. It’s amazing.

* When competition got fierce with the top 30 on American Idol, what was going through your mind?
Natalie: American Idol was of course a competition but, I didn’t feel that way with the wonderful comrodery within us. We were all for eachother. It was a great ride and the pressure was on but it was way too fun to be freakin’ out about anything. All I could think about was how awesome it was that I made it into the top 15 and that I’m really with all these people.

* During the three episodes where America got to vote for three vocalists to move onto the finals, was the atmosphere competitive or friendly?
Natalie: The atmoshere was friendly. Though you wouldn’t think it to be because it was such stiff competition. But, we all became very close in our group. In fact Adriel and I talk often and we live right down the street from eachother in Los Angeles. Jim Verraros, Christopher Aaron, and I live together. It’s like a little American Idol Real World.*laughs*

* Do you have an expected release date for your demo to come out? Will your fans be able to purchase it?
Natalie: I’m not going to release my demo to the public I don’t think. I’m creating a demo to show to industry people. No one will be able to purchase my demos… but when I put an album out GO GET IT!!

* Do you like performing live, or recording in the studio better?
Natalie: There is something about both that I’m in love with. In the studio I’m creating music; what I feel what I want people to hear. It’s what I enjoy. Performing live is the most amazing feeling I have ever had. I guess performing is up there but creating music is awesome.

* Would you like to break into the entertainment industry with something other then singing, such as acting or modeling?
Natalie: I would like to break out with my singing because that is what I love to do. That’s my passion. Acting is something that I have done my whole life but never made a huge deal of it. I would like to be apart of the acting field someday. I’ve never thought of modeling. Never.

* What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given in relation to career goals?
Natalie: Never give up. Challenge yourself. Always be true to yourself.

* What would you like to say to your fans?
Natalie: Thanks for all your love and support. You guys ROCK MY WORLD! Keep in touch with me through my website I look forward to the future with you guys! It’s gonna be AWESOME!