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Interview | My Favorite Highway

November 20, 2009
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Whitney Johnson
Label: Virgin Records
Video Interview: Available here.

* Right now you guys are on the Cheap Date Tour with Forever The Sickest Kids. So in the spirit of the tour, if you had $10 or less to spend on a cheap date, what would you do? Where would you go? No dollar menus!
No dollar menus (snaps fingers), cheap date tour…hmmm… well first it would consist of a drive—we’d have to drive somewhere so that could be part of it—a romantic drive. Then maybe we would go to—if we were in Florida we would go to the beach, obviously. Then, ice cream is always cheap. Ice cream, maybe a Blockbuster movie, who knows? I don’t know.
* That’s under ten bucks.
Yeah, that’s under ten bucks, right?

* What have you guys been doing on your down time on the tour?
Either driving, sleeping, or shopping.
* Trifecta.
The trifecta.
* What are your favorite stores?
There’s always Urban Outfitters—everybody loves that. Most of the times if there’s just a local mall, just go hang out in the local mall. You know, Best Buy is always fun too.

* Have you guys been changing your set list at all on the tour?
We have slightly. But, it’s primarily just because our time. There have been bands jumping on and off of the tour so depending on the length of the set that we have—we’ll play—seven songs is like our set list, but at certain nights anywhere between four and seven songs. Actually, a couple of nights David was sick so we could only play four songs, but last night we played all seven. Hopefully tonight we’ll play all seven.

* How To Call A Bluff was re-mixed, re-mastered and re-released. So what led you guys to doing that rather than releasing an EP or a new full length?
Um, because we had just signed to Virgin Records and that was—How To Call A Bluff was the reason why we signed. In April—I think it was—when we released How To Call A Bluff on our own. When we signed in November, they had purchased the rights to the record and so that was what they wanted to release and so it’s weird because we’re at a point right now where I think people who have been following us for awhile have had that record since last year and they want a new record. You know what I’m saying? Or, not even last year, but two years ago—or whatever. So they’re expecting sort of new material but to those fans who just started following us—you know post-Virgin Records—it’s a fairly new record because it just came out this year. So, maybe a few more months on it—but we’re definitely—we have new material right now that we’ll start playing soon.

* Awesome. I was just going to ask you how you guys plan to follow up How To Call A Bluff.
I think that—like the songs that Dave has been developing and that we’ve all been working on— are like better than How To Call A Bluff. I didn’t think that we could write songs that were better than the EPs we had written, and then we wrote How To Call A Bluff. But I can honestly say that I think that the songs that are starting to develop now are even better than How To Call A Bluff’s record. Just more melodies, more heart felt, more—you know—more of the same stuff, but better.

* You guys have a video out for “Say So.” So, how did the concept come about?
The concept of the video came about—we received about eight or nine different treatments from different directors—they all submitted offers and we kind of sorted through them and picked out, we narrowed it down and then picked out the best one—which Zach Merck had developed—and then we sort of came up with different ideas about tweaking it here and there. So, what you see is the final result.

* Are there going to be anymore videos from the album?
Absolutely, yeah. The next single will be undoutedly, “Bigger Than Love.” We don’t have a guarenteed date of when we’re going to shoot a video for it but definitely look for that one.

* In todays world theres like a billion different bands. So, what do you think seperates My Favorite Highway?
I think that My Favorite Highway goes a little bit deeper than a lot of the bands. I don’t want to sound conceited or anything. I think that theres alot of great bands out there, but I think that unlike most bands—My Favorite Highway—we’re not really a product. We wear the clothing that we want to wear. Infact, the record label told us that they liked the way we dressed better than the way we were getting styled in some of our pictures. So I think what sets My Favorite Highway apart is we’re very, “what you see is what you get.” You know, we do all of our own videos on Myspace. We’re true to ourselves in the fact that Virgin released a record that we wrote and recorded on our own. There was little to no interference from a label, so we have Virgin to thank for that. I think that’s what sets up apart. It’s very natural.

* 2009 is almost over, so have you thought about any New Years resolutions?
To spend less money—not that I have any money to begin with—but I would be far less poor if I spent less money.

* Holla! Wouldn’t we all. Out of all of the albums that have come out in 2009, which has been your favorite?
Oh, easily the new John Mayer record. That, or—yeah I guess John Mayer’s new record. It just came out a few days ago and it’s been on repeat constantly. It’s so good. Battle Studies.

* What are you going to be up to when the tour is over?
When the tour is over we all kind of retreat, we runaway and we don’t talk to each other because we spend so much time together. No, every year I get pretty involved with an event called New Years Aid which benefits—each year we do different things. We did an orphanage in Africa, we raised $128,000. Last year we raised money for orphans in the Dominican Republic, $68,000. This year we’re going to try to blow the roof off and raise money for orphans around the world; in the Philippines, in Africa, and in the Dominican Republic. So, I get pretty busy leading up in December to that. The rest of the guys, we all just kind of relax—write and stuff. Obviously, you know, you gotta spend time with loved ones.

* What would you like to say to your fans?
I would like to say thank you so much for everything that you guys do for us. Thank you, honestly, from the bottom of our hearts for listening to our music, for being interested in what we do—you guys have no idea, really, how much it means to us. We talk about you, we talk about how faithful you guys are to always come out to the shows to support us—so thank you for that. Hopefully we can keep keeping you guys happy and giving you what you deserve in My Favorite Highway; which is good music.