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Interview | Midwest Kings

May 29, 2003
By: Shana Loupe

* Who are you and what instrument do you play?
I’m Neal Tiemann, Guitar.
Robby: I’m Robby and I play drums.
Andy: My name is Andy Skib and I sing and play guitar in a band called MWK.
Justin: I am Justin Briggs, I play bass in MWK.

* How did you come up with the band name?
Well, the band name, just like much of the music in MWK, comes from the incredibly strange mind of Neal Tiemann.
Neal: I made up the name because we needed something to explain the acronym, MWK.
Justin: Neal came up with it while we were at a studio in Sapulpa as the goofy name for a side project, and the ongoing joke just stuck.

• Who inspires you the most?
My family.
Neal: Bjork inspires me the most.
Andy: Any musician or performer with a luring presence on stage inspires me to perform.
Justin: No one person inspires me. When someone does something really extraordinary then I’m inspired.

• Describe your music style.
Our musical style, in my mind, is hard to describe. I would say that we play rock music with songs tat are able to be played in different ways because of the lyrics and melodies. Just about every one of our songs sounds great either live with the full band or just played with an acoustic guitar.
Robby: Rock with a different edge to it; more diverse rock.

• Define music in one sentence.
Music is the display of human emotions through musical instruments.
Andy: Music is a bunch of different sounds that gravitates people together.
Neal: The ultimate power, it drops you and lifts you at the same time.
Robby: It is sounds that make you have emotion.

• We ask every band this, do you like pineapple?
I love pineapple.
Robby: Nope.
Andy: Pineapples rule.
Justin: Yes, especially the pineapple chunks in a can. But not on pizza.

• What bands do you like that everyone else thinks is lame?
Aerosmith, pop, R&B, and stuff.
Andy: Nickel Creek, String, and James Taylor are the only ones I can think of.
Justin: I don’t know who everyone else thinks is lame, but I like Silverchair, Tool, Injected, and Caroline’s Spine. If everyone else thinks that they are lame, well that’s really sad. No, just kidding, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Neal: I like Avril Lavigne, techno, and Alanis Morisette.

• Are there any great unsigned bands that you would like the rest of the public to know about?
New Science.
Neal: New Science, Big Hate, and Kenna.
Robby: Us, and a band called New Science in Tulsa
Andy: Revis is a good band. They are getting pretty popular in the U.S. and I’ve seen them twice in Tulsa.

• What CD’s do you currently have in your CD player?
Pearl Jam. I just got off of a long round of Silverchair, but right now it’s mostly Revis and Pearl Jam.
Neal: The White Stripes, Coldplay, and Black Label Society.
Justin: Silverchair, Tool, Injected, Caroline’s Spine, Our Lady Peace, Maroon 5, and Pearl Jam.
Andy: New Science.

• Any profound words of wisdom?
Don’t take for granted characters in video games; they die so you don’t have to.
Andy: Stay in school, unless you’re in a band.
Justin: If you are going to do something, go all the way, don’t hold back.