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Interview | Mayday Parade

July 11, 2008
By: Megan Washington & Jessica Crawford
Audio: MP3

• Do you guys have any plans to tour after Warped Tour?
We’ll be out with All Time Low in the fall.

• Compared to Warped Tour, I’ve seen you play in small clubs, so how is that different with the more intimate setting compared to being out here with ten million people?
I’d say that with Warped Tour there’s always that barrier, literally a barrier between you and the crowd. Also the fact that it’s during the day and it’s outside. It will sound completely different from how it would sound in a venue. In a venue everything’s very controlled, everything’s very like… the lights are controlled, the sound, everything is just kept in mind to make the best show possible. Out here it’s so like, okay you’re thrown out here, this stage is here, the sun light, you know… have fun. It’s weird, this morning we played at like 11, 11:20, I guess in the afternoon, morning-ish.

• Well you guys got kind of lucky that you don’t have to do it at like, 3 o’clock.
Like, 3 o’clock is a great time, because that’s when the most amount of people are around. Like, there’s pros and cons to everytime. You know? So, yeah, it’s just so random whatever time you’re playing. At a regular club or venue, it’s just like, you’ll be playing late past 8 o’clock at night.

• So who’s your favorite super hero?
Mine would probably be Batman.

• Are you just saying that because of the movie?
Yeah, but like, I don’t know if you can really qualify Batman as a super hero because he doesn’t have any super abilities. He’s just like, a kid.

• He has the Bat Mobile.
But that’s something that he built. Like Superman has…
Jeremey: Shoot lasers or something…
Alex: Yeah, like Spideman has all those super abilities. Batman is just a regular dude.
Jeremy: I like Captain America.

• Why?
Just like… I don’t know. He’s just a bad ass dude. I like his shoes too. He’s got some cool red boots.

• I think the outfit is very important for a super hero.
Oh yeah.
Alex: Absolutely.

• Would you rather be inside, or outside?

• On what?
If it’s hot out.

• So you guys like being outside right now?
Right now it’s alright. This is alright.
Jeremy: I’d rather be inside though right now, honestly.
Alex: If the inside’s cooler than the outside.

• Well I guess you guys are use to it, this is Florida.

• Musically, who are your influences?
It varies from Led Zepplin to newer stuff like Taking Back Sunday, The Get Up Kids, and stuff like that.

• When did you get signed to Fearless?
About two years ago.
Jeremy: Two years ago.

• How did you guys get discovered?
Our A&R agent that was there, the guy that signed us, he was on myspace… I think he was on Valencia’s site actually, their myspace site. Or maybe not Valencia, somebody, I don’t know…and our profile was in their top friends and he was like, “Oh, that’s a cool picture!” So he clicked on it and listened to the music, and liked it, saw what we were doing, and that we were following Warped Tour, and they’re like, “Oh, okay, this band is gonna work hard.”

• Do you guys think that the internet has helped or hurt artists like yourself because they download?
I think in general for people like us…
Jeremy: It’s helped alot.
Alex: It’s helped so much. We wouldn’t do anything without the internet. We wouldn’t have anything. I mean, it’s great. Like, sure there’s illegal downloading or whatever but I mean…
Jeremy: But whatever, It’s a small price to pay.
Alex: For mass exposure.

• Have you guys ever had your albums linked to torrent sites?
Oh yeah, yeah. Absolutely.

• That sucks.
It’s not a big deal, we just want the kids to come out to the show and enjoy it.

• What kind of music do you do, just for my knowledge?
Pop/Rock, a little heavier. Alot of different vocal harmonies going on.
Alex: We try to keep it poppy and rock ‘n’ roll at the same time.

• Did you guys do “Jersey” today?
Alex: We did.