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Interview | Maroon 5

September 2002
By: Shana Loupe

* How is the tour with Cheryl Crow?
It is a good experience.

* How long have y’all been together?
We’ve been together for about 9 years.

* What category would you put yourselves in musically?
Um, we have our own category, we’re our own rock n roll band… we’re gonna call it uh, rock? I don’t know what it is.

* What made you decide to change your music style?
The influences, our environment, and all the changes in our life…

*Do you like pineapple?
Adam: I really actually really like pineapple, when it’s around I eat the $h!t out of it.

* What about on pizza?
Adam: Hell yeah!

*My favorite song on the CD is “She Will Be Loved.” What is yours?
Adam: I think that’s my favorite too. That was the easiest song I’ve ever written. I wrote it in about an hour.

* Would you ever consider playing a role in a movie?
Adam: I don’t think so, I hate it when rockers pose as actors and actors pose as rockers. I don’t wanna be a poser, I just wanna play music, man.

* What made you decide to form a band?
Adam: ‘Cause we love music.

::Something random from Adam, the lead singer:: We almost got killed by a mack truck.

* Who inspired you?
Adam: So many people I can’t even begin. Gosh, um, everything seriously. Mickey inspires me.

* How?
Adam: ‘Cause he’s hot. ::tons of laughter:: I’m not gay…

* Any favorite music artist?
Adam: Yes, many favorites. Pharrell Williams. He’s so damn cool.

{We started talking about Britney Spears and how the guy from N.E.R.D. wrote “Boys” and this is what Adam said…}

I wanna write a song for Britney.

* What would the song be about?
Adam: Um, I don’t know if I could say. It wouldn’t be appropriate. The rainforest? ::insane laughter goes on:: I’ll get back to you on that one.

* Do you like the band Hanson?
Adam: I love em. Wholesome bunch, good people.

* What would you like to tell your fans?
Adam: We love you. You are the reason why we are able to do what we do and we don’t ever want to take you for granted.

::editor’s note:: This is one of the best interviews I have done so far. Besides the ones from July. LOL The guys are really funny, and just have a great sense of humor about things. Like, fruits and pizza…Adam says he likes apples along with pineapple. We also talked about our accents. I kind of thought he was from a different country…opps. LOL. But, he’s from Los Angeles, so he has that Californian accent while I have the mixed up Southern one. And I for one, am glad that Adam’s phone did not die on us. Thanks guys!!