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Interview | Larry g(EE)

July 29, 2012
By: Megan Washington & Callie Rawls
Video Interview: CLICK HERE
To purchase Weekends: HERE

Warped Tour offers a vast array of musical talents each year as it stops in cities throughout the US and Canada. This year, fans were able to find music from Larry g(EE)–something that’s completely different and unique to Warped-goers. The band radiates fun during their performance and we recommend that you check them out. Who else did you see out there this summer that performed covers from Genuine and Frank Sinatra?!

You guys have been on Warped Tour since July 6th. Were you doing anything prior to that to prevent you from playing the whole tour?
We were actually–the whole reason we got on Warped Tour was through where we were chosen out of 1,600 artists and would go for twenty-two dates. It started July 6th in Detroit, Michigan, we’re here in beautiful St. Petersburg, and we’ll be on it until the 31st in Cincinnati, Ohio. So, it’s been one heck of a ride.

Are you guys from Detroit?
We’re actually from Dallas, Texas.

Gotcha. Tell me about your current release.
Our release that we just finished was in December of this past year, and it’s a four song EP. We’re really excited about the response that it’s gotten and for us to be on the Warped Tour and we feel good.

That’s awesome. As far as dynamics go, do you guys like performing outside more or do you like being inside with all of the fancy lights?
We don’t really care. I mean, we’re happy to be playing a show. We just love what we’re doing so it actually doesn’t really matter where we’re doing it. Just the fact that we’re doing it is like, I mean, it’s the biggest kicker for us. Like, we get to play soul music for a living? Are you kidding me? That’s like the best. That’s the best.

Have you guys gotten to write any new material while on tour?
It’s impossible to write when you’re on the road.

When you’re having fun.
Well, we’re trying to have as much fun. Warped Tour is a grind. Everyday up at 7-8AM in the morning.
Larry: It’s work.
Beau: You work til 9-10PM at night. So, it’s tough to stop and try to write a song.
Larry: We work hard every day except for today, when we’re in St. Petersburg. We told ourselves we were going to take the day off. We didn’t set up the tent to sell merch.

Are you going to that nice little beach over there?
Larry: We are going to go out over there and lay out.

What is the most random thing that people would be able to find in your bus or van, right now?
That’s a good question.
Beau: I think our bus is pretty dis-interesting. I’m trying to think–I’m sure we have some kind of crazy whatever.
Larry: I think it’s the blow up doll in the back of the bus.

Does she have a name?
If she does, I don’t know. I try to stay out of it.
Beau: We have a little voodoo kitty. We took it on a barter at our merch table. We traded a CD for a voodoo kitty. That’s a pretty odd thing that we have. We don’t practice voodoo. We haven’t tried to harm anyone.

Okay, last question. People can tell you all they want about what your music means to them, but what does your music mean to you?
It’s an expression of joy and our love for it. We’re getting up on stage with a big smile on our faces. We want to convey that joy with soul music, with funk music; that party, that celebration of life. We want to portray that in our music every single time we get up on stage. I don’t know, what do you want to add to that?
Larry: You took the words right out of my mouth.

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