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Interview | Kill Hannah

August 4, 2008
By: Megan Washington & Jessica Crawford
Video Interview Available Here

* What kind of hope are you guys trying to restore to the hopeless with this tour?
Oh, good question. The Hope for the Hopeless record and tour is kinda, you know what, it’s almost not like a– when I think of it I don’t think of it as a hope for the fans and everything; I think of it for the band, because it’s been a weird few years for us. We’ve been touring alot, and now we have alot of action going on in Europe and the UK, we’re going there alot. It’s much more exciting over there for us right now because we’re kinda like a new band. Where here in America we’ve been touring around for a long time. That kind of stuff is a glimmer of hope, and also the fact that we put out this last record completely independently and not necessarily because we were forced to because we have record deals but we wanted to just do something independent. It got picked up by Hot Topic, and all this other stuff and so now we’re doing the tour. It’s kind of just like in a time when the record industry is so failing and so bad and dismal for bands. This is kind of our way of re-energizing ourselves and giving ourselves hope. I don’t know if that translates to the fans, but I mean, I think these are the biggest and best shows that we’ve ever done. So, also for those fans who have seen us and come out and play the same eight songs every night when we are opening for all these other groups. I guess they can hope for a little more.

* Speaking of going over seas– I don’t know if you’ve heard– but Russia is trying to ban the whole emo-people wearing make-up and black completely. England is saying these bands are suicide cults. So, your band wears black and make-up…
First of all, I don’t align myself with anything emo, or any kind of scene like that. The band doesn’t either. We’ve been around long enough, where I guess we could say we are above these categorizations. I did see something on TV that like in Mexico City the punks were killing the emo kids– that’s crazy shit. That’s just insane. That kind of stuff has been attempted throughout history, you know, trying to band social movements and stuff like that. It definitely doesn’t work. I don’t know if it really makes a good point or a good statement. Yeah, I don’t know what I think about that. I mean, I don’t know if that would prevent us from playing there, and that’s all I really care about. I know we have fans over there and everything. But it’s weird, it’s crazy that it’s still like the Dark Ages almost where people are so backwards and thinking that a way a person looks is– a “suicide cult” that’s just one crazy definition. I honestly do think– if people align themselves with one fashion statement or some kind of music scene, that’s just kind of misguided too. I would hope the fans are a little more diverse then that and a little smarter than that, but not everybody is.

* You guys have had your music featured on TV shows. Do you have a particular favorite show that your music has been played on?
Not really. I mean a few years ago we had our music on the MTV Movie Awards, or Music Awards or something like that, and that was kinda cool. I don’t really watch all that much TV because we tour so much. I don’t really have any favorite shows. I like cooking shows. You know what’s funny? That’s a thinker. I never thought our music would be in a cooking show. A band we were on tour with last year, The Pink Spiders, were just on Kitchen Nightmares and they performed live and I was like, “Damn! That should be us!” That would make me happy. We were once on my mom’s favorite soap opera, and she freaked out. I think it was “One Life To Live” or something, and she was you know– of all the things that this band has done that was the thing that made her think this band has arrived.

Dan: You know, we don’t play Florida as often as we should, really. I really like it. It’s always been good for the band. The audiences are really good here, and the weather is always a nice break from anywhere else we are, you know?
* Except hurricane season when it rains everyday.
(laughs) I like Florida though.

* With all of the illegal downloading and stuff going on with the internet, do you think the illegal downloading has helped or hurt Kill Hannah?
Uhhhh, that’s a good question because alot of artists would sit and talk about how the illegal downloading is ruining the business and all that stuff. It’s an interesting subject though because alot of younger bands, especially that have come up in the ranks and got notoriety, started off like that. That was their only avenue of exposure, you know? Where as a few years ago, bands would literally be forced to get into their Mom’s van and drive around and play shows every single day for years and years and years to build it up. Nowadays, you can have one song on Myspace and if it resonates with a certain group of people it spreads super fast. Myspace isn’t exactly illegal downloading but it is free music that is available to everybody. So for the same reasons, if someone wants to sit and download music, I personally would rather our fans download stuff, legally or illegally, than to just not have the music. You know? You can’t count on record companies to stock your records in stores or do any kind of promotion that would really, you know, bring your band to the fans. It’s almost like the bands have to do it directly. One way is to just make an MP3 and put it up there and see what happens. I think bands, like the super huge bands, probably tell you a different story because they’ve made millions and millions of dollars over the years selling records. We’re– our band is in a very strange time in the industry. We’ve kind of seen it transition where our first record we had a full kind of major label thing, now to the last record we did completely independently, you know? They both have their merits, but I think we’re happier now.