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Interview | Kaila Amariah

August 2002
By: Megan Washington

* What’s one thing that nobody knows about you?
Kaila: When I am excited I can’t eat or sleep :(.

* If you could go back in time and change on scene in your life, what would you change?
Kaila: Nothing I think everything happenes for a reson (maybe I wouldn’t have cheated on my state capital test….bad me I only did it once)

* Who is your celebrity crush?
Kaila: Josh Jackson, Ben Aflect…ohhh I like so many celebs but they are all too old for me:(

* What was your reaction when you found out you would be starring in “The Biggest Fan”?
Kaila: I was in disbelief I didn’t even really know what was going on ’till the first day of filming.

* What has been the best career advice given to you?
Kaila: “You have to be it before you can become it.” -Bobbie Chance.

* Do you have any current projects that you are working on?
Kaila: The Pajama-rama, it’s a tv show I am a regular wool hoo!

* What are your future goals and plans?
Kaila: I want to make myself known in front of the screen so I can be respected behind the screen then when I’m all done and old I want to teach acting then I want to retire on some vineyard somewhere.

* What is the best advice that you can offer another aspiring actress?
Kaila: Everything starts with one step and every step starts with a thought or belief….just believe.

* Do you ever get nervous before you act in your scenes?
Kaila: Of course if you dont get nervous you dont care about the work…you just can’t let nervousness take the place of the work.

* Where is the place you most want to visit on “The Biggest Fan” tour?
Kaila: Chicago, and Texas..(my brother and sister live in Texas and I have always wanted to see it) ohh and Michigan my family lives there too.

* What was France like when you went to the Film Festival?
Kaila: Very different I thought i was living in some movie or something it was surreal.

* Have you had any weird fan encounters?
Kaila: Man I went out on this date with this guy, well it was my friends boyfriends friend…and he was like, “You really look like that actress.” and I was like “Christena Ricci?” and he was like “No, you probably wouldn’t know her I dont know her name. My little sister likes this group called Dream Street and you look
like the girl in their movie…I dont know what its called.” I was like really, “Yeah ‘The Biggest Fan’ right?”
and he was like “Yeah.” Then my friend was like, “Oh Kaila, when does your movie come out?” ehhh I was going to die ‘cuz I was trying not to tell him that was me. Well that wasn’t a “fan” encounter but hey its a funny story.

* What is one thing you want to accomplish that you haven’t yet?
Kaila: I want to anounce an award in at like the Teen Awards or something…also win an award one day.