Interview | Jake Thomas

February 8, 2003
By: Megan Washington

* Hey Jake! Can you tell us something about you that nobody else knows?
Jake: Too many people know everything! Help! I need some privacy!

* Since you’ve had experience working in both sitcoms and movies, which do you like better?
Jake: They both are great. TV is nicer in that you go to the same place every day for a couple of years and you get to make great friends.

* In your future in acting, what kind of role would you like to play in eighter a sitcom or a movie?
Jake: The LEAD!

* Happy belated 13th birthday! How did your party go?
Jake: It was incredible. Over 200 people were there. We had a DJ, dancers, rock climbing, pizza, unreleased Sony Playstation games….it rocked!

* Do you like pineapple?
Jake: No.

* What goal have you set for yourself that you would like to achieve?
Jake: Be successful.

* What are some things that you enjoy doing when your not working?
Jake: Ride my electric scooter, play video games, hang with friends.

* What other actors and actresses would you like to work with at some point in your career?
Jake: Jim Carey.

* Since it’s February, and Valentine’s day is coming up…we promise not to tell anyone! Have you ever had a secret crush on Hilary or Lalaine?
Jake: No.

* What would you like to say to your fans?
Jake: Thank you! You guys are the best!