Interview | Gym Class Heroes

July 11, 2008
Conducted by: Megan Washington and Jessica Crawford
Video Interview Available Here

How has touring with Warped Tour been different compared to the club and arena tours that you have done?
It’s pretty much been the exact opposite. A–because it’s just an outdoor festival; it’s kind of like the cirucus with freaks running around. It’s just our day jobs, you know what I mean? That’s pretty much how it’s different. There’s hundreds of us hooligans.
Eric: Dirty ones.
Disashi: Dirty ones, hungry, pissed, great looking, stunning…

You guys also have a new CD coming out, don’t you?
Disashi: The Quilt.
Eric: Yes!
Disashi: September 9th, The Quilt. Get Your Patch!

So what’s so great about your CD that is coming out?
Honestly what’s really great about it is that, if you like music that’s diverse then this CD is for you, because every song is pretty much its own type of deal.
Eric: It’s like, it doesn’t follow any