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Interview | Get Scared

August 27, 2012
By: Megan Washington

Build For Blame, Laced For Shame on August 28th. Does this release feel any different for you compared to past releases?
Yes absolutely! We are so excited about this release. This EP is what Get Scared has always wanted to sound like. And now we are able to fully capture the music we’ve been wanting to write with Joel Faviere as our frontman.

Your fans seem beyond excited about your new EP. They have countdowns going, they’ve posted about it in numerous places and have made some great graphic art. What have you guys been doing as a band leading up to the release?
We’ve basically just been preparing to come out swinging after our almost year long hiatus resulting from our previous singer quitting only four months after our first record released. But now, after getting Joel as our singer, and getting Erik Ron to produce this new EP, we are stronger than ever and eager to tour the world again.

Do you have any special plans to celebrate it?
We were too busy preparing for tour to really celebrate the release. But it is safe to say we are celebrating now!

Your lyric video for “Built For Blame” has been viewed well over 80,000 times since it was released three weeks ago. Was there any significance to the way the lyric video was created? (ie: theme, scenes, etc)
Definitely, we all had ideas on how we wanted it to look. Johnny just took all our ideas and went to town with it. The video turned out great, Johnny’s the man!

How did working with Erik Ron come about?
We met Erik while recording our debut album Best Kind of Mess with John Feldmann. Erik Ron was engineering the record. Long story short, we stayed in contact with Erik after finishing the record. He helped us get back on our feet after our old singer left. We recorded our first single with Joel Faviere as our singer “Cynical Skin” in January 2012. After finishing the one song we realized that Erik Ron is our man and immediately started making plans to record more music together.

What do you think he specifically added to your music?
This might sound stereotypical but he just let us be us. Not only that, he has very similar musical influences as all of us. So the writing process was painless and exciting. We couldn’t be more happy with how everything we’ve recorded with Erik has turned out. We cannot wait to record our full length with him!

From start to finish, how long did it take you guys to work on the EP?
It took nine days to finish Built For Blame, Laced With Shame.

You guys have said that the six songs on your new EP is to hold fans off for a little while before you release a full length. Do you have a rough timeline for when you want to do that down the road?
Yes, we are aiming for February.

The upcoming HK Army Pizza Party Tour takes you guys through Arizona and California. When can fans in other areas expect to see the band?
Very shortly after this tour we will be hitting the rest of the nation and Canada. We’ve also talked of an over seas tour.

What is currently the most random thing that someone would be able to find in your bus/van?
Probably a Fog Machine.

Your fans tell you all of the time what your music and the band mean to them, but what does Get Scared mean to you?
Awesome question, Get Scared is the most important thing in the world to me and all of us. There isn’t a morning that I wake up and don’t think about Get Scared. Hearing fans tell me how much Get Scared means to them and how much we’ve helped them through rough times in their life makes everything worth it. It’s amazing to know complete strangers care for Get Scared as much as I do.

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