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Interview | Framing Hanley

June 14, 2009
By: Riley Nixon & Megan Washington
Video Interview Available Here

* People seem to like your version of “Lollipop” better than the original. So, what do you think it is about your version that draws people to it?
I don’t know. I think our version of the song is terrible (laughs). No, I’m just kidding. Um, I don’t know. I think-—alot of people didn’t also know that it’s a cover at first. Which is kind of cool that people think that I would write jirp jirp in our lyrics, I guess. It’s just something different and it really speaks in volumes for music in general when a song like that can cross over to a rock crowd, it’s awesome. I’m a huge fan of Lil Wayne, so I just hope he likes it.

* If you guys were a circus performer, which circus performer would you be and what kind of stuff would you do?
Oh, I would be the guy on the motorcycle riding in the ball.
Nixon: Oh, circus performer.
Chris: You know, does the loopty-loop?
Nixon: Hmmm, I don’t know. It would be cool to hang out with monkeys. Although, that one monkey tore that guys-—that girls face off. Did you hear about that? That’d be terrible, but it’d be cool to be with monkeys. I don’t think I could do the bicycle thing.
Chris: You could be that bearded guy that they put in the tents to like…
Nixon: I’d have to grow a beard but I can’t grow a beard man, this is all I get (laughs).
Chris: No, the one that’s like nothing but fur.
Nixon: What would you be?
Ryan: I’d be a…
Nixon: I’d be a unicorn.
Ryan: Ohhh. I’d be the guy that takes care of the tigers.
Chris: Lion tamer!
Nixon: (laughs).
Ryan: Or, (laughs) I’d be the clown in the booth that…
Nixon: Oh, I’d punch you in your face if you were a clown.

* Your album, The Moment was re-released in November. So, was there a reason, other than Lollipop being on it, that you guys re-released it?
No, it was obviously alot of people found out about us through that song-— just through the radio station-—you know? We wanted to give new fans an opportunity to kind of have it all inclusive where they didn’t have to go buy the record separate and then go buy the single because it wasn’t on there. So, that was really the main reason why we re-released the record, and it had the video on there.

* And your actual first single was, “Hear Me Now,” right?

* So what made you guys decide to recently re-release that too?
I think with “Lollipop” coming out and having a little new life, it brought in alot of new fans that had never heard of us before—when we had released “Hear Me Now.” So we kind of wanted to give that song a second chance for some of the people who didn’t know us from anything other than “Lollipop.” Let them see kind of another side of us.

* You guys also just filmed a new video for that not too long ago, right?
Chris: Mhmm.

* What were you going for with that approach that was different to the last?
We just wanted to do something that was more true to what the song was about, you know? We kind of still want to wait to say anything about it, just until everybody sees it. Which we don’t even know when it’s going to premier, but it’s done. We’ve seen it, it’s awesome. I mean, I think Mason really stepped up even more for this video. That guy continues to do awesome things. So, whenever we went in and had the idea, and talked to him about the video, we knew it was going to turn out and be something special. I’m really excited about it.

* The Moment has also been on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart for 17 weeks. So, do you guys find it strange that your album has been out really since 2007 and people are just now discovering it?
Chris: I think it’s amazing.
Nixon: Yeah. You’re talking to a band who literally for six months last year, almost the entire summer to the fall, we were doing nothing. I remember I spent the whole summer in my bed playing video games and forgetting, “Hey, we should be on tour right now.” We were going through alot of changes, and Ryan had just joined the band. I mean we were jamming and still doing our thing and kind of playing shows around back home. We weren’t on tour so we were kind of in limbo and didn’t know where we were going to be going next; if we were going to be going to the studio to record new stuff. We ended up going to the studio and working on some new songs we had been writing and while we were there we did “Lollipop.” It kind of turned in to what it turned into. We were right back on the road. We had every intention of working on a new record, and probably having it close to a release by now. I think now plans have changed to where we probably won’t be going back into the studio until like November-December. We’re excited about it though. We’ve been writing alot of stuff that we’re really really stoked to be recording. Hopefully soon.

* Speaking of new material, we heard there might be a concept album?
Uh, yeah. We’ve talked about that. Brad, our producer, is trying to talk me out of it. He just wants us to do-—he was quoted as saying, “Just do a kick ass rock record, man.” So, I don’t know. It’s one of those things where it’s still up in the air. I mean, the cool thing about it is all the songs we’ve written so far, I’ve been writing are focused on a story but also involves—just like every song that I write—something about my life or one of us dudes. Still I’ve kept it like that. If it ended up being a concept record or not, we’ve got alot of material we’ve been working on that we’re definitely going to be using.

* Do you guys have maybe a favorite concept album that pushed you in the direction to think about your own concept album?
There’s been a lot. Lydia’s last album Illuminate, for me, was an unbelievable record that told an awesome story. I mean, Armor For Sleep.
Chris: I think the last Receiving End of Sirens CD…
Nixon: TREOS…
Chris: Is a big influence…
Nixon: The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi was one of the best records. I remember it came out the same day our first record was released. I was more excited about that. What to Do When You Are Dead by Armor For Sleep was another, I thought, brilliant concept record. It’s also cool how alot of these records people listen to and they have no idea that it’s a concept album. I think that’s more-so the way that ours is going to be like.

* If you guys could be any Barbie, which Barbie would you be?
A Barbie?
Nixon: My first name’s Ken, so I gotta say Ken. He was like the only guy, so there’d be a lot of chicks (laughs). Come on man, be a Barbie.
Ryan: I don’t know any of their names.

* What’s next for the band?
We’re breaking up.
Chris: It’s over, right here.
Nixon: Probably, a bunch more touring. Then going to the studio and working on our new stuff.
Chris: See the birth of a lot of new things in our careers’, hopefully.

* What’s more important to the band, the ride or the destination?
I mean, definitely, there’s a goal, you know. Right now we’re enjoying the ride and meeting a lot of awesome people. You know, it’s just getting—if there’s one person in there each night wanting to hear your band… even if it’s just that one person, that means something to us because we remember doing this just a few years ago in a garage, not knowing what was going to happen in our lives—you know with the way things were at. So, it’s awesome meeting those people everywhere. So, we’re having fun on the ride. It’s a long hard walk, but I will walk hard (laughs).
Chris: … but I will walk hard.

* What direction do you currently see yourselves moving in?
South. No. (laughs) Sorry. Do you mean musically?
* Yeah.
I think we’re always going to be the same band. Ryan, when he joined the band, he changed the elements. Anytime you take out a key ingredient and add a different key ingredient, it’s going to change the sound. I think we are somewhat of a different band than when we recorded the record.

* Do you guys have any final words?
Chris: That sums it up.
Nah. Stay tuned to our Myspace, and Twitter. Right now there’s a fake Framing Hanley twitter—we’ll have a real one soon-—. We don’t know who runs that one. But, just follow us all individually on Twitter ’cause we’re going to be giving out free concert tickets and stuff, so make sure you follow us. Not literally.
Chris: I want you.