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Interview | Family Force 5

November 16, 2008
By: Megan Washington & Cortney Abbot
Video Interview Available Here

* Dance or Die came out in August.

* If it came out today, instead, do you guys think you would have changed the name of it or anything about it?
Absolutely not.
Chap Stique: No way.
Nadaddy: No way, it’s from the year 3030.
Chap Stique: Would you?

* I think it’s pretty awesome.
It’s way ahead of it’s time.
Chap Stique: It’s from the future. It still hasn’t come out.
Nadaddy: Even if it came out in 2089, it would still have the same name because it’s from 3030.
Chap Stique: It just might be in a different language because humans don’t speak English anymore.
Crouton: In 3030.
Chap Stique: They speak Chinese and Japanese. They just don’t speak English.
Crouton: (speaks in alien language).
Nadaddy: That’s the alien language.

* You guys are going to be releasing the video for “Radiator” next week, so what can everyone expect from that?
Yeah! The 18th.
Crouton: Basically, the future.
Chap Stique: Lasers. Fog.
Nadaddy: Shiny stuff.
Chap Stique: Stardust!
Crouton: Cool outfits.
Nadaddy: We don’t want to give too much away.
Crouton: We want people to see it.

* Well we’re excited for it, we want to know.
We’re excited too.

* Have you guys ever felt pressured to write your music a certain way to please both a Christian crowd and secular crowd?
Chap Stique:
No. We just write what we want to write. I mean, I think honesty and being yourself is a big part of spirituality too. Our songs… there’s a very tongue-in-cheek element sometimes. There’s a very over the top fantasy element. So far, I think, it’s who we are. There’s not alot of normality to a bunch of people that write the songs. I think people have responded and connected with it in different ways.

* What is the most important thing you want listeners to take away after listening to Dance or Die?
Chap Stique: Voltron.
Crouton: I have to agree. Happy, and Voltron.
Chap Stique: Happy Voltron.
Crouton: Happy Voltron.
Chap Stique: Any -tron.
Nadaddy: Voltron doesn’t really have many facial expressions. Just kinda that one. We could draw a happy voltron.
Crouton: It’s kinda like a Happy Birthday, but like Happy Voltron.
Chap Stique: (sings) Happy Voltron to you…
ALL: (sing) Happy Voltron to you! Happy Voltron dear Voltron. Happy Voltron to you!
Chap Stique: (finishes the song in 3030 language).
Crouton: In essence, Happy Voltron is like “Dance or Die” because everybody is happy at their birthday, usually, when you get what you want– presents. Right?
Chap Stique: When people remember.
Nadaddy: Yeah. I don’t remember any of my birthdays.
Crouton: Well “Dance or Die” is five robots that come together.
Nadaddy: Wait, that’s our band name.
Crouton: Yeah. Family Force 5, “Dance or Die.” That’s what I said.
Chap Stique: August 19th is now the new birthday for everybody.
Nadaddy: Yup.
Chap Stique: It’s the day Dance or Die came out. So, Happy Voltron!

* How was making the album different from making the others you guys have done before?
We did alot of it on the bus, man.
Chap Stique: Yeah.
Crouton: We didn’t have as much time. Everybody’s first record is kind of like, they have more time because they are like, “This is my masterpiece and this is what I’m going to do to get into the industry. Blah Blah Blah. It’s not out yet.” Then when you come out with your sophomore records you’re like, “Wow, I have no time to stop and make another record.” So we wrote most of it on the bus, and we recorded alot on the bus.
Chap Stique: We had this long drive home from British Colombia to Atlanta.
Nadaddy: 2,700 miles!
Chap Stique: We sat in the bus and we were going insane so we wrote, “Dance or Die.” It’s pretty much a reflection of that.
Nadaddy: Border of insanity.
* Just one bus trip?
Chap Stique:

* You guys do alot of touring. You just did the Dance Rawr Dance 2 Tour, and now you’re on the Winter Wonderslam Tour. So are there any places that you haven’t gotten to visit that you’d really like to visit?
Chap Stique: Japan.
Nadaddy: Yup, and New Zealand and Austrailia.
Chap Stique: Which we’re going to!
Nadaddy: Anyway, we’re going there next month.

* We also saw that you guys are going to be doing an “awesome” tour in 2009. So can you guys tell us about that yet?
No. Sorry.
Chap Stique: Nu-ugh.
Nadaddy: No!
Crouton: We can tell you that it’s going to be awesome, and check our myspace after the new year because that’s when…
Nadaddy: ….for details!

* In one of the Durrty Durrty blogs, you guys mentioned that you’d like to write with Matt T. from Relient K. So since you guys started touring together, have you started collaborating on anything yet?
Chap Stique:
That was Soul Glow that said that.
Nadaddy: Soul Glow’s a little sick right now. It’s the third day of the tour, so maybe next week.
Chap Stique: We haven’t written with him yet, but during their set they do play a song that’s kind of a tribute to us.
Nadaddy: (sings) Five!
ALL: (sing) Family Force 5’s gone!
Chap Stique: That’s what they play.
Nadaddy: It’s the Subway song.
Chap Stique: But they say we’re gone.
Nadaddy: It’s not really true. It’s a lie.
Chap Stique: We’re not gone!
Nadaddy: We’re right here.
Crouton: We’re here!

* Are there any other people, that in the future, you’d like to collaborate with?
Chap Stique: Dr. Luke, Matt Bellamy… who else?
Nadaddy: Outkast, man! Andre…
Chap Stique: him, him! Maybe Eddie Van Halen.

* How did you guys come up with the concept for the Really Real Show?
It started out as webisodes, but we just started out filming kinda crazy places out on the road. We thought it would be entertaining. Then we started putting them up there and we did a horrible editing job. We just slapped them up there and people actually dug them. It’s REAL. That’s when we got Tub-O to come in. We’re about to put out Volume 1 of the Really Real Show, which is seven episodes.
Crouton: On DVD.
Nadaddy: It’s about to come out. So stay tunned.
Chap Stique: We filmed one of the episodes here, actually.

* People are starting to say that music scenes are beginning to die out and that everything is going to be replaced by the internet; such as music being spread and downloaded through the internet, bands are going to do shows over webcams, and genres are going to fade together. So, how do you think Family Force 5 would fit into that if what they are saying is true?
Chap Stique:
I think that’s totally us. We’ve had to do a very untraditional artist model for how our band survived. We did Durrty Durrty blogs, Really Real Show, alot of interaction writing to and from bands. Our band is very interactive and we’re all nerd about the future of music and what’s going to happen. It’s a big part of how our band exists. We’ll see what happens. We hope that there’s always interaction with the fans. There’s always a tangible element and that it’s very real. We’re not very opposed to any changes. In fact, change is needed. It’s been a crazy revolution to be apart of and it will be fun to see where it ends up; or to see where it keeps going– I don’t think it will ever end.

* Since it’s almost Thanksgiving, what is the band the most thankful for?
Being able to do this as a job. Being able to be out here, we feel like God us, put a passionate inside of us, and to be able to do that day by day and actually live of of it, is probably the biggest blessing I could have.

* What do you think about the current state that music is in where some kids can’t really listen to the type of music that they like, such as the emo kids in Mexico are getting beat up by the punk kids?
Chap Stique:
That’s always been there. I mean, Poison kids used to get beat up by the Metallica kids. It’s just, I don’t think that’s a current thing. That’s just music. I mean, it’s sad. Any form of oppression, to me, is like the opposite of what music really means. It’s a liberation. I mean, I’m not at all condoning it. I think, it’s not necessarily a new concept.

* What do you guys love the most about being on tour?
I like to hang, man. Being able to hang out with bands like this. They’re some of the coolest guys I’ve ever met in my entire life. We’ve invested our lives, they’ve invested their lives and being able to build each other up….

* Do you guys have any last words about what to expect next year to your fans?
It’s going to be a good one.
Chap Stique: It’s gonna rule. It’s going to be the most wonderful time of the year.
Nadaddy: All year!
Chap Stique: Christmas in July, and January and March.
Crouton: I hope we get Christmas in July with snow machines and stuff.
Nadaddy: Let’s go jump in the big pile of snow.