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Interview | Family Force 5

July 11, 2008
By: Megan Washington & Jessica Crawford

* What can fans expect from your new album, “Dance Or Die”?
They can expect an incredible merging of Zoltron and Transformers Sound Track music.
Chap Stique: It takes place in a sandy battle field of the future. It’s very sweaty and itchy. It’s also got some very in-your-face Rock’N’Roll. It’s got some Bobby Brown, some Prince and stuff.

* You guys have nicknames. How did you guys get those?
Chap Stique:
Well Family Force 5 is from Atlanta, Georgia and everybody in the ATL has a nickname.
NaDaddy: What’s yours?
Chap Stique: Lil Jon is mine.
NaDaddy: Oh? I’m Big Boy. (laughs) Just kidding. Those are already taken.
Chap Stique: But that is what kind of inspired the whole nickname thing. So, it was a joke. We were like, “Hey, we need one.” Phatty was a little heavy when he was a kid and his brothers made fun of him about it, so the name stuck. We’ve got Crouton, Soul Glow Activatur, NaDaddy…
NaDaddy: I’m NaDaddy.
Chap Stique: … and I’m Chap Stique. Xanadu is our dancer, Tofu Pup is our merch girl. It goes on forever. It was a joke and all of the fans, they loved it. It was an escape. It made us characters.

* Speaking of characters, if you guys could be super heros, what kind of super hero would you be and what kind of powers would you have?
First of all, we are already super heroes.
* Oh, Sorry! (laughs)
Chap Stique: (laughs)
NaDaddy: We have names. I’m NaDaddy…
Chap Stique: Well if you watch our show, we have a show called The Really Real Show, there is a scene where he and I really are super heros and we beat the crap out of these kids in Florida. It was awesome. They were pickin’– they were bad– they were villainous kids! We were protecting justice.
* Poor kids.
NaDaddy: Somebody’s gotta do it!
Chap Stique: What would your powers be? If you could choose any other powers than the ones you already have.
NaDaddy: Um, I don’t know. I think I would be a big robo-tec looking robot. It’d be pretty fun.
Chap Stique: I think I’d be a Petrucci-con and I would be the best guitar player of all eternity.
* What is a Petrucci-con?
Chap Stique:
Well I made it up. John Petrucci is a great guitar player so I figured it’d be the closest to that. I want to be like him, but a robot version– that shreds!

*With the internet downloading and torrent sites, are you guys afraid your album is going to get leaked?
You know what, if it gets leaked, it’s just going to stir the buzz up a little more. I’m not too worried. You know what I mean?
Chap Stique: It’s already happened.
NaDaddy: Our other albums and songs have been passed around over the years. You know, I just look at it as that’s the environment that we have today and that’s going to help us market the band and get more people to listen to our stuff, and maybe after they’ve heard it they’ll be like, “I really like this and I want to support them.” and they’ll go out and buy it.

* So you guys think internet downloading helps?
Chap Stique:
Well, I think we are in the middle of a big revolution. There’s some really cool authors out there that are called Media Futurists that talk about how eventually it’s going to be like a subscription model. Rather than having to steal and not have to pay for your music, you just pay for it like you pay for your water bill, a couple bucks a month… you’ll get unlimited downloads of the songs. So I think that’s kind of the direction that it’s going. You know cable TV was pirated forever and was considered illegal, and people were stealing it. Eventually, you have to realize that the consumer has needs and wants and we’re just kind of in the middle of that. For right now, I think you are right, it does help us a little bit. Just mainly, word of mouth. This band is very do it yourself. Anyway that we can get material into peoples hands, any type of connection is a good thing.