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Interview | Every Avenue

February 28, 2009
By: Megan Washington
Video Interview Available Here

* The Take Action Tour is supporting DoSomething.Org again this year. So, what is your band hoping to personally contribute to this tour?
Well, personally, we’re working with an organization called Keep-A-Breast that raises money for Breast Cancer research. So, we’re working individually with them, but honestly if us just playing music can benefit people, like we couldn’t ask for more. It’s the coolest thing that can happen. Us playing a show can help raise money for good causes…
Matt: Pretty much anything we can do that shows kids you can make a difference in your community. Alot of people, you know, are like, “What can I do? I can only do this and this.” That’s what Do Something is all about; is showing people even with limited means you can actually help other people out. So, it’s worth it.

* Your album, Shhh. Just Go With It came out last February 19th. So, since then, how has Every Avenue grown?
We’ve toured alot.
Matt: I think I’ve gotten at least two inches taller.
Josh: Yeah, I’ve gotten two inches shorter.
Matt: I think we’ve grown alot, I would say, since then. Well, we really haven’t had any time to rest. Playing this much, we’ve grown as musicians.
Josh: We’ve been on tour pretty much for the past year straight.
Matt: … since the record came out, it’s just been– and even before that.
Josh: Yeah.
Matt: It’s just been non-stop.
Josh: When you play that much, I hope you tend to get better.
Matt: I would hope. Maybe not. *laughs*

* Your album was just released overseas wasn’t it?
Yeah, In the UK, it just came out.
Matt: Yeah, we were– this was about three weeks ago?
Josh: Something like that.
Matt: Three or four weeks ago. Pretty much the day that we left to come back home, the album came out in the UK.

* Do you guys have any plans to release something new for over here?
Yeah, we’re actually going to be going into the studio in the next few months and hopefully summer, tentatively right now.
* Your album was just released overseas wasn’t it?
New album.

* Do you guys know who’s going to produce it yet, or no idea?
Still talking, still talking to people. So everything’s kind of up in the air right now.

* Is it going to be similar, or in a different direction, than your EP and your full length?
Umm…. I think anytime you go, you know, awhile and then you start writing again there’s going to be changes. I don’t think it’s going to be anything so drastic that the fans of the last album are going to hear it and immediately turn it off, but I think it will be a little bit different.
Josh: It’s still catchy, up-beat music.
Matt: It’s still us.
Josh: Yeah.
Matt: So, it’s going to be that same kind of fun feel to it.
Josh: It’s not going to sound like Wilco. Even though, I love Wilco.

* What’s the current goal and direction for Every Avenue?
Make money!
Josh: *laughs*
Matt: No. We just kinda want to keep growing, you know? Pretty much do everything that’s possible that we can do. The average lifespan of a band is what, five years? So, we’re reaching our twilight. *laughs* There’s only so long that most people can do this. So just take advantage of every opportunity we get.
Josh: Basically, work really hard while we can. Hopefully people can relate to it. * If you guys could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
Matt: Keep it PG-13 for this?
Josh: *laughs*
Matt: I don’t know. I don’t want to say anything too incriminating.
Josh: I would mess with you alot. I would do little things just to mess with you so you were like, “What’s going on?”
Matt: “Why haven’t I seen Josh today?” I don’t know. That’s an interesting question.
Josh: I’d probably play alot of pranks.
Matt: Yeah, I would probably…. I wouldn’t say, “Oh I’ll go steal money!” or something. That’s a pretty shady thing to do. Yeah, just mess with people like harmlessly.
Josh: Mess with people and then follow Megan Fox. I’m just kidding. That’s creepy.
Matt: That’s the creepy answer we were looking for.

* What’s the best and worst pick up lines that you guys have ever heard?
Someone said something to be the other night, and it was really cheesy. I can’t remember though.
Matt: I don’t think anyone’s ever come up and just spat a line at me.
Josh: I think any pick up line is pretty bad though. I’m a firm believer that pick up lines don’t work.
Matt: They usually don’t.

* What are the plan for after the Take Action Tour for the band?
Matt: Recording, right after the tour hopefully. Then…
Josh: There’s a couple of tours in the works for before Warped Tour.
Matt: There’s alot of stuff that we’re still working out, but hopefully by the way it’s looking we’ll be booked pretty solid until about September.

* Is there something in particular that you guys are looking forward to the most?
Going back to Japan, I think.
Josh: Yeah, and playing China. We’re playing China in June.
Matt: That’ll be an experience.

* A lot of people, you know, use illegal downloading as their means of getting new music. So, do you think illegal downloading has helped or hurt your band?
I think it’s helped, personally. Any way that people can hear your music, and they like it, they’re going to come to the show and that’s really what we’re about is playing. I grew up downloading music so I can’t really talk shit on it.
Josh: It helps bands get out there more, because it gets kids to the show and stuff. But, at the same time, record labels hate it so if you’re not selling as many records they don’t want to give the band as much money either, and things like that. It’s one of those double-edged swords. We wouldn’t be signed if it wasn’t for illegal downloading.

* Do you guys have any final words or a last message for your fans?
Reach for the stars. *laughs*
Josh: That’s a Brandon Kovach line!
Matt: It is!
Josh: If you can dream it, you can do it.
Matt: Wow, we are very cheesy. But we love you.