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Interview | Eyes Set To Kill

October 10, 2009
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Catherine McDonald
Video Interview: Available here.

* For this tour, you guys are giving local bands the opportunity to play and have the chance to win a contract with BreakSilence. So, have you guys found any awesome bands yet?
We played with a band last night that was pretty good. They were called Contest of Arms. That was just in Orlando. They were pretty good.
Greg: Basically what we are doing is just every single night, we’re all watching the bands–one of us atleast. We put, “Oh, I like that band from that show,” so we write it down, and at the end of the tour we’re going to all sit down and go through the list, check their myspaces to see how legit they are.
Brandon: We check them all out online.
Greg: Then come up with a unanimous decision on who we’re picking. (limo pulls up) Oh, our ride is here. See you guys.

* What is it specifically that you guys are trying to find in these potential bands that you want to sign?
I don’t know.
Greg: Just not the same old. Something that’s unique.
Alexia: Something that stands out, for sure.
Caleb: A band that’s solid, knows what they are doing on stage…
Brandon: Professional.
Caleb: Not professional—close to it. I mean, we’re not even close to professional at all.
Greg: Someone that’s more professional than us.
Caleb: Pretty much.

* Is this something you guys would like to do on the road regularly; scout out bands for your label?
It definitely helps out a lot for the shows because all of those local bands are so excited, ’cause they have the chance, that they bring out all of their friends and everyone’s into the music. I would like to do that a lot.
Alexia: It’s awesome just to play with these types of bands too because they’re already really passionate about being at the show. So, it’s like a good vibe put on the tour over all.
Brandon: They’re all just always like super nice to us, and just want to have fun.
Greg: Sometimes you play with local bands and you get a bad vibe from the show. But, it’s really positive with this thing because everyone’s really happy and trying to do their thing.

* The World Outside was released June 2nd. What was your most memorable moment while making the record?
Oh man, it was a long process.
Caleb: We were eating Top Ramen everyday because we didn’t have any money in California.
Brandon: We had a couple of good BBQ’s.
Caleb: A couple of good BBQ’s…
Brandon: It was definitely—it took it’s toll on us because we were out, like Caleb said, in California recording it. We were out there for a month.
Brandon: Just like wake up in the morning, have coffee, just work and then do it until late at night.
Caleb: We drank–we were on like nine cups of coffee a day during that whole thing. The guy that was recording us, he just—fresh pots were brewed everytime it was empty. It was awesome.
Brandon: Towards the end we were all just wanting to get done. We were like, “Please can we just finish this?”
Caleb: …and addicted to coffee.
All: (laugh)

* There’s also been mentioning of a limited edition acoustic EP. So is that available yet?
Not yet.
Alexia: No, not yet.
Brandon: Not yet.

* When do you guys plan to have that available?
We don’t know yet.
Caleb: The 12th. (laughs)
Brandon: We thought we would have had it out already.
Greg: It’s already recorded so it’s just a matter of, you know…
Alexia: The right moment.
Greg: Yeah, the right moment to release it. We don’t want to take too much attention off of our CD right now. We still want to keep everyone interested by releasing that, so we’ll let you guys know.
Brandon: Maybe for holiday 2009, Christmas present—stoking stuffer.
Caleb: There will be a picture of Alexia with a little Santa hat, she’s like…
All: (laugh)

* Your video for The World Outside is supposed to be released as soon as the tour pre-sale hits 1,000. So, how close are your fans to being able to get to see the video?
I don’t know.
Brandon: I think our manager is doing that. I mean, we’re probably going to put it out before it gets to a thousand because I don’t think…
Alexia: I mean, because even we’re anxious.
Caleb: It might not get to a thousand.
Greg: It never comes out (laughs). No, we don’t see any of those numbers in the pre-sale—you know? We don’t deal with that stuff, when we’re going to release things. It’s not our decision. It’s up to our record label and our management to decide when is the right opportunity and time.
Brandon: We shot it in like April. It’s been done for so long.
Greg: I haven’t even seen it for like three months. I forgot what the video even looks like. But soon, it’ll be soon. I promise.
Caleb: I don’t even know what I was wearing in it.

* Are there any secrets you guys can give away about the video yet?
I don’t know.
Brandon: I don’t really care.
Anissa: If you watch the teaser it kind of shows what’s going on.
Caleb: Yeah, the teaser shows a lot.
Greg: There’s zombies.
Anissa: Yeah.
Caleb: It’s basically what the whole music video is.
Greg: Lots of zombies.
Caleb: Except there’s a surprise ending, but we’re not going to tell you that.
Brandon: Oh, yup.
Caleb: Big surprise.
Brandon: It’s a twist.
Alexia: Huge twist.
Greg: Caleb dies at the end.
All: (laugh)

* You just gave it away.

* If you guys could pick one song, that’s been maybe like your guilty pleasure during this tour, what one song would it be? It doesn’t necessarily have to be from a band on the tour.
I think the Taylor Swift song.
Greg: I think that’s your guilty pleasure.
Brandon: I know. Yeah, that for me. I was driving around a bunch right before we left for this tour and I was listening to the radio a lot because I didn’t have an ipod or anything, and that Taylor Swift song came on like every five minutes. It got stuck in my head. I’m a fan.

* What is next for the band?
We’re going to do a tour in Brazil soon.
Brandon: We’re supposed to.
Alexia: Maybe early January, or December. We don’t know yet.
Caleb: We’re going to Subway in a few minutes.
Brandon: Yeah. We’re taking the holidays off and then probably a couple of shows in December or something. We’re not going to tour again until like January or February, but we don’t know yet. We don’t know what we’re doing.

* Lastly, what would you guys like to say to your fans?
We love you.
Greg: Thank you so much for supporting us.
Brandon: Yeah, for everybody coming out, buying the pre-sale, like just coming out to all of these headlining shows—it means alot because it’s the first one we’ve done.
Alexia: I’d like to say sorry to the people last night cause I got really sick and I lost my voice so I couldn’t play last night. So these four were troopers…
Anissa: We all had to play by ourselves.
Alexia: …and played without me.
Brandon: You need to zip it. No more talking for you.
Alexia: Thank you for still believing in us, even though it was a four piece last night, and sorry I couldn’t play. That’s what I want to say. Now, I can’t talk.