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Interview | Eyes Set To Kill

May 10, 2007
By: Megan Washington
Photo Credit: Ryan Clyde

• How did you come up with the name Eyes Set To Kill?
In a poem I wrote before we had a name for the band. Eyes Set To Kill means to have your heart set on something but through the eyes of a criminal. It’s symbolic of course because we are no criminals, just kids trying to make music that will help others.

• You guys have been eagerly waiting to see if you will be playing the SmartPunk stage at this years Warped Tour. Your fans have been keeping you in the top spot for quite sometime now. How does that make you feel to know there are so many people voting to see you play?
It makes us feel great that theres people supporting and helping spread our music. We love everyone whos bought a cd, shirt, or even showed their friends our myspace page. We would be no where without those people. No band would.
Lindsey: It feels incredible to know that people respect what we do and enjoy our music. Wared tour has always been a dream of ours, and if we can share it with the fans that voted for us, that would be amazing.

• You just finished recording a new CD. Is there anything you can reveal about it yet?
We experimented a little with more keyboards and some of the newer songs are definately different. A little more poppy but it’s still the old us.
Lindsey: We recorded new songs that we are very proud of and feel like we have grown alot in our writing abilities. We hope everyone loves the new cd. One of the new songs is now on our myspace called “Our Hearts”; check it out!

• It’s also been noted that you guys have created your own record label. What led you to that decision?
With owning your own label and being a part of it, it gives us more freedom and power to do what we want to do. We will results faster.

• You recently found yourselves on tour with Papa Roach. What was that experience like?
It was really fun! Everyone was cool and the crowds were pretty big. We were nervous the first night becuase it was Greg’s first show with us but everything turned out good.
Lindsey: Touring with Papa Roach was absolutely amazing. The crowds were super supportive. The guys in Papa Roach were very nice, and their crew treated us all so well. If the oportunity ever came up again, we would do it in half a heartbeat.

• Down the road when Eyes Set To Kill starts playing larger tours, what bands would you like to take on the road with you?
we would like to take out Phoenix Mourning and Vitruvian because those two bands have supported us a bunch on smaller tours we did with them. We would play with any band as long as they are nice people we could chill with and with cool music.
Lindsey: When we are headlining, we want to take out our great friends, Phoenix Mourning, Heartshed, and Holy Ghost Circut. All those bands have been so good to us and it would be an honer to take them out.

• Your sound is rather unique, and many people seem to be really grasping onto it. Was this certain style of music something you planned on playing, or was it something the band just fell into?
Yep, we all love different music but we were set on a different sound. We always wanted the Lindsey’s vocals and Brandon’s throat.
Lindsey: Well at first it was just Anissa, Alexia, and I playing together. We knew we wanted guys in the band because we didnt want to have a typical “girl band”. We also thought our music would sound more dramatic if we had a screamer. We have many inspirations and love all different kinds of music from Coldplay, The Format, and Eisley to Darkest Hour and All That Remains. We have always played from our hearts, and never have tried to sound like other bands and that is what makes Eyes Set To Kill it’s own sound.

• Aside from playing this years Warped Tour, what’s one thing you would like to accomplish before 2007 ends?
I don’t know if there’s only one thing, hah. But, if it had to be one thing, I guess just widen our fan base and try to get our music to spread as far as it can.
Lindsey: We want to play for as many people as we can to spread our music as much as possible. We want to touch people with our music. Having people relate to our songs is an amazing feeling. Just knowing you have helped someone through your music gives you such a beautiful feeling. We can’t wait to get back on the road and play for our amazing fans again!

• It has been a long standing, random, tradition that we have to ask this next question. Do you like pineapple?
Pineapples are cool. They look cooler than they taste though:)
Lindsey: Not really plain, but I LOVE Pina Coladas! <3 • Is there any advice you would like to give to other aspiring musicians, or anything you would like to say to your fans?
Hmm, keep the scene alive whether it’s starting your own band or going to shows, don’t let it die out!!!
Lindsey: Anyone with a dream of anykind, never give up. You will go through tough times, and if you work through it everything will pay off. You can do anything you want, you just have to put your mind to it.