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Interview | Danger Radio

October 31, 2008
By: Megan Washington & Rebekah Rosado
Photo Credit: Steven Taylor
Video Interview Available Here

* What are you guys dressing up as for the show?
Um, I’m going to be a girl. I’m not going to give away the specifics on my costume, but it’s really pretty ridiculous.
Andrew: I’m wearing exactly what I’m wearing right now.
Elan: He’s on Team Zissou. Have you guys ever seen the Life Aquatic?
* No.
Ohhhh, that’s what you are.
Elan: You guys have never seen the Life Aquatic?
* No.
Elan: You gotta check that out.
Andrew: I wonder if you can look that up online, how to make…
Spencer: I’m just like this old man mask, thing.
* You’re an old man?
Yeah. (laughs)

* You guys are actually featured on Jeffree Star’s song, “Star Struck.” What was it like to work with Jeffree?
Oh, man.
Spencer: I…
Elan: Actually, it was mostly just Andrew.
Andrew: Yeah. Um… awkward. (laughs)
Spencer: (laughs)
Elan: (laughs)
Andrew: Um, it was fun. It was fun. I mean, he came up to me and asked me to do the song and I was just like, “I’d like to hear it first if that’s okay,” and he sent it to me. I don’t know, it was just fun. I was just like, “Oh, I’m singing a Michael Jackson chorus.” So that was pretty much it. We just kinda went in there and I laid it down. He’s super nice. It was cool.

* Used & Abused came out in July. So, if the album would have come out today instead of in July, do you guys think you would have changed the name?
Change the name? Probably not. I don’t think so.
Elan: We’re really bad at naming everything. So, once we came up with a good one, we were just like, “Yeah, alright cool. We’ve got it. Let’s not think about it anymore.” (laughs)

* Do you guys feel you’ve had any stereotypes as a band that you’ve had to break through?
Um, well we definitely get placed in a category with a bunch of other bands. I think it’s fine, but I think we kind of offer a different approach to music. So, I guess we kind of have to prove ourselves as a more versatile band. That’s really what we’re going for right now, I think.

* Do you have any plans of starting to record new material soon?
(laughs at Andrew) Yeah, well we’re gonna do some holiday songs. Then, uh…

* Any specifics?
We can’t tell you that actually. It’s classified information.
Andrew: So yeah, we’re just top secret. But, you know.
Elan: So, we’re going to do that. We’re going to be writting pretty soon, in awhile, we’ll see.

* There are alot of weird people on Myspace, Facebook, and LiveJournal communities involved in drama, and stuff like that. Do you guys have opinions on that when they talk about your band?
(sticks out his tongue).
Elan: Um, no.
Andrew: We love weirdos.
Elan: I think people that have drama and () on the internet, it’s like virtual high school. I think that’s kinda dumb. I don’t get involved in it. But people are definitely intitled to say what they want. That’s it… whatever.

* What kind of image do you think your music conveys?
(points at his costume and laughs)
Elan: I imagine. (laughs)
Spencer: (laughs)

* Want to elaborate?
Sorry. I don’t know.
Elan: I think we’re just a really fun band.
Andrew: (sits on Spencer’s lap).
Elan: We just like to have fun. That’s a good way to describe it, I think.
Andrew: I agree.
Elan: We’re fun people. This guy’s creeping me out (points at Andrew and laughs).
Andrew: (laughs and gets off Spencer’s lap). I’m in a really good mood.

* How has Danger Radio evolved since you guys first began playing together?
Oh, God.
Elan: So much.
Andrew: The music has changed entirely.
Elan: It started as pop-punk, before I was even in the band. Or either of us were (points to Spencer). Then it moved to like a crazy-funk-disco jam going.
Andrew: Yeah.
Elan: Now it’s kind of changed a little bit since then. Yeah. I think our next record will probably be metal. I’m not sure, but I think that’s what we’re going for.
Andrew: Metal infused hip hop.

* With lots of screaming?
Jazz fusion.
Elan: Jazz fusion, metal. (laughs)

* The vast majority of people, these days, seem to download things online. So, do you guys feel the illegal downloading has helped or hurt you?
Honestly, I promote people to illegally buy our stuff. I just want them to come…
Andy: Illegally buy it? (laughs)
Elan: (laughs) Yeah, illegally buy it. No, I want people to illegally download our stuff. I think our concern– I think Andrew is with me on this one– is that our main focus is (laughs) having people come to our shows and hang out, to see us live. As long as they are listening to music and they like it, as far as album sales, I’m not too concerned about.
Andrew: Yeah, as long as you’re coming out to the shows and hanging out, it’s better for us, I guess.
Elan: Definitely.
Andrew: Fo sho.

* What’s next for the band?
We’ve got a little time off.
Elan: Yeah we’re gonna have a little time off.
Spencer: Christmas.
Elan: For the first time this year! Then (laughs) we will be back out on the road starting in 2009 for probably the whole year.
Andrew: True story.

* Do you guys know who you will be touring with yet?
No, not yet.
Andrew: Wait, for…
Elan: Oh, well we’re ending the year, we’re doing like a two week tour with My American Heart. It’s kind of west…
Andrew: West coast.
Elan: West coast. Yeah, then that closes out the year. 2009 I don’t think we have anything set in stone yet.

* Is there anything you guys want to say to your fans?
Andrew: We love youuuuu.
Elan: Love you guys.
Spencer: Love youuuu.
Elan: Come to our shows, hang out with us, and have a fun time.