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Interview | Crisis In Hollywood

June 05, 2009
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Riley Nixon
Video Interview: Available here.

* You guys started in 2004, right?
Yes. Did we? Wait, no.
Andy: No.
Adrain: Not this band, actually.
* It was another one.
Yeah. What happened was Andy and I, we met up. Was it 2004?
Andy: 2004, yeah.
Adrian: Alright, 2004, and we started playing in this band, “From Adam to Atom.” Later on, after a Suicide Machines show which changed our lives, Logan joined the band. We had all been playing in different bands together, back and forth. It had gotten to a point where we wanted to change it up a little bit and get a solid line up. So, we knew Daniel really well, he had been playing in bands Logan had been in, and just all over. We decided this would work, and once we had our chance we did that. That was 2007, actually.
Andy: 2007.
Logan: January of 2007 is when we finished–or started this band.

* What inspired the band name, “Crisis In Hollywood?”
Logan: We get asked this all the time.
* You probably always will.
Yeah, our answer is pretty lame, actually. We went to Barnes & Noble, and we were trying to think of really creative band names by looking at our favorite books. Like, books that changed our lives and stuff, for inspiration on a band name. We spent hours and came up with absolutely nothing. Defeated, we leave Barnes & Noble and all go our separate ways. On the ride home Andy was like, he had heard a commercial on the radio about Paris Hilton or something and was like, “Crisis In Hollywood!” He just blurted it out in silence. I was like, “That’s awesome, man. I like that.” He was like, “I like it too.” We called everybody else and they liked it.
* So it’s anti-Paris Hilton?
Adrian: Yeah, pretty much.
Logan: Pretty much. The moral of that story is, don’t think too hard about your band name because you won’t come up with anything.

* Who have been some of your major influences, as musicians?
I think it’s all across the board for all four of us, are pretty different. Like me, it’s Pixies, new Silverchair– post-grunge era, you know? Obviously, Suicide Machines are big time. But that’s just me.
Logan: We were all growing up on Blink-182, Green Day, Nirvana, and all those records in the mid 90’s that changed the whole scene of music. Like, we were right in the midst of that. We were all affected by that movement. That was definitely– those bands were a huge influence on us.
Adrian: Alot of what we listened to actually, and what we still listen to, it sounds nothing like us at all. So you know, that’s probably a good thing.
Logan: We listen to alot of metal, alot of punk– like a ton of punk. If you were to go through our music collections, the majority of it would probably be older punk stuff.
Adrian: Yeah. Whenever we’re in the van, it’s rarely singing. It’s pretty much them screaming their asses off.

* So you guys karaoke to the screaming?
(laughs) Sometimes, but mostly Daniel.

* This one’s a tough one. What is your favorite Myspace picture pose?
(laughs) Oh, wow.
Adrian: Hanging upside down.
Andy: That’s a good one.
* You have to act it out.
Well, yeah, I can’t.
Andy: Oh, man. I’ve never done a pose on Myspace.
Adrian: Can you do Blue Steel?
Andy: No, I can’t.
All: (laugh)
Adrian: If we could do that, that would be it.
Logan: We’re pretty much a photographers nightmare.
Andy: Yup.
Adrian: Pretty much.
Logan: When we go to have like press photos taken and stuff, we’re all just standing there like, “What do we do?”
Adrian: Yeah.
Logan: We have to make them tell us what to do.
Adrian: It’s pretty bad. I guess that’s not where our creativity lies.

* Your record, Safe and Sound, came out May 12th and it was produced by Anthony Raneri of Bayside. So, how did that happen– did you approach him, or did he approach you?
It was kind of a chain link thing. We knew a guy who knew a guy, and eventually just by luck we got our first album Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea into Anthony’s hands. He thought it was pretty good and he had been looking for a project to begin working on– to produce, and since he figured there was potential we just started talking to each other and then we lucked out. He came down and pretty much lived with us for five weeks. So, it was fun.

* People that have reviewed your CD have said it, “plays like a mixtape,” you guys have found your distinct, “safe sound,” and “it’s fresh and original.” So, when you guys were writing your material for it, what goal did you have?
To get it done on time.
All: (laugh)
Adrian: Honestly, we just had finished our first CD and basically a couple months after, we had a few songs that we had been writing, but we had no idea we were going to do another album. When we found out that Anthony was offering, we figured we have to take this chance. So, we sat and just worked hardcore until we finally cranked them out. Yeah, basically the deadline was our inspiration. It worked out this time.
Logan: The reason the record is so dynamic is because it was actually the first time we got the opportunity to do pre-production on our record, which was amazing because that was just a week of us basically having a band practice and Anthony just hanging out in the room with us and listening to our songs and saying, “Alright we’ve got this song already. Lets try something different here.” Just kind of tearing the songs apart and putting them back together. So, that’s how it [the record] ended up sounding so different. We were able to spend that time on the songs.
Adrian: We ended up with twelve songs on the record. I think we went in with eighteen tracks all together, so you know, we just kind of trimmed the fat basically so-to-speak. It was a new experience, so it was good.

* If you guys could be any Barbie, which Barbie would you be?
: (laugh)
Andy: Oh, I already know mine.
Adrian: Of coarse. Which one?
Andy: Well, I don’t know if you guys remember it but there was a Barbie that was all silver at one point.
Adrian: No.
Andy: Like, he whole body was silver.
* Yeah! She had white hair! There was also another one that was purple with pink hair.
Adrian: Really? He’s obsessed with Silver Surfer.
Andy: Yeah! Well, I always played with the Silver one because if I’m going to play Barbies, then atleast mine’s a superhero.
Adrian: That’s true. Does it come with a surf board?
Andy: No.
Logan: I would be Naked Barbie.
Adrian: I like it.
Andy: Yeah.
Adrian: I would be My Size Barbie.
* That’s scary.
It was. My sister had one, and she– I use to scare her because I’m older than her– but she got me back with that one. Oh my God, I have nightmares. You know what, I have to take it back though, never mind. It’s just evil. What are you, Malibu?
Daniel: No. I was going to say Ballerina.
Adrian: He can dance like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s awesome.
* Give us a little sample!
Go ahead, pop it! Pop it!
All: (laugh)
Adrian: That was amazing.
Logan: There’s more where that came from.
Adrian: Come to the shows and you’ll see it all.

* You guys are about to leave for tour, right? Tomorrow?
Tomorrow, yeah.
Logan: Tomorrow.
* What are you guys looking forward to the most on this tour?
Just tours are awesome. I mean, we are all buddies and you know, it’s just fun hanging out with your bros. At the same time it’s work but it’s like a party, practically. We’re really focused and doing our thing, but it’s just so much fun it doesn’t feel like work. I mean, yeah, we’re in a van that we’re sleeping in every night but it’s something we’ve gotten use to. We love it. Alot of people think, “Oh my God, you’re sweaty, you’re nasty, you stink.” But, you know, it’s like family.
Logan: We’re use to the man-stink.
Adrian: Exactly.
Logan: It really is just a big road trip.
Adrian: Now it’s something we miss on our off days.
Andy: I miss my stench when I’m home on my nice mattress.
Logan: This tour’s awesome for me because we’re actually kicking it off in my home state. I came from Tennessee and we’re playing in Knoxville for the first show, so I get to see all my family members, all of my old friends and stuff.
Andy: And last time we played in Knoxville, his family brought it hardcore. Adrian: Oh, yeah. That was one of the highlights of the last tour.
Andy: People go off up there. It’s awesome.
Adrian: We get to play Florida alot, which it’s awesome, you know? We love to play here. Just being able to get out to states where we’re not really there that often and for people that know us there and like to see us– it’s just the energy’s different. They only get a couple of chances whenever we get out there. So the shows are amazing.

* What’s your ultimate goal and direction for this band?
Well, I’d like to not have to come back and do odd jobs every fucking time between tour. I mean, I think all of us, I’m not going to say that we want to be the Jonas Brothers or anything– no offense to them, I don’t think we have to get that high. I just would like this to be a career, basically. We all take it seriously, that’s why we do it as much as we do it. It sucks being poor, but that’s just part of the gig, you know? Eventually, it’s nice to know that we’d be able to eat a little more on tour.
Logan: That’s the same question our record label asked us the day before they signed us.
Adrian: Yeah.
Logan: They were like, “What do you guys want to do with your band? What do you want from the record label?” We were just like, “We just want to pay the bills, and play music and stay on the road all of the time.”
Adrian: If we could tour 365 then that’s great. Sure, we have lives at home, but this is also our life. Whenever we’re gone– not on the road, rather– we’re planning the next time we can go out. It’s always a lead up to being able to being out there again.

* What do you guys think of music censorship?
It’s stupid. It’s art. Why are you gonna– sure some people think that it’s just going to be all censorship is, is cutting out and bleeping curse words, but that’s not what it is. They cut so much, you know? Green Day just had to pull their album– or not even pull, they just didn’t put it in Wal-Mart. You know, really, if you see a Parental Advisory thing, how hard is it to ID a kid?
Andy: Right, and that’s their parents’ job.
Adrian: Exactly.
Andy: Artists make music for a reason. It’s not so they can give it to certain people, it’s so they can give it to whoever wants it.
Adrian: Am I going to go and put a leaf over the statue of David? You know, it’s just because it shows something that some people are offended by– get over it! You know?
Logan: If you want to know how we feel about censorship, just see Family Guy.
Adrian: Exactly.
* So you guys don’t think it’s affected you, as an artist?
We haven’t run into a problem. Actually, yes we have run into a problem.
Andy: We have.
Adrian: We played– you know what? Christianity is awesome, do your own thing, whatever. It’s not really all what we’re about. Obviously, we’re just not religious, but we’ve had to play some shows where they’ve said specifically, “Well we need to go through your lyrics with a fine-toothed comb. Blah blah blah.” You know what? If a couple of words are going to make you go puke because you’re so upset– get over it.
Logan: We’ve been banned from venues for profanity.
Andy: What’s really messed up about it is it wasn’t even because of our songs either. Our songs are generally pretty clean.
Adrian: Yeah. There are no curse words.
Andy: Some of the subject matter. The one venue was just because Adrian, he really likes to say fuck between songs…
Adrian: No, That was the old me.
Logan: He’s reformed.
Andy: He’s reformed, now he says shit and God damn.
Adrian: Now I’ve found Jesus.
Logan: Our banter is actually pretty bad most of the time. We talk about dying babies.
Adrian: It’s because we’re guys. I think one of the best banter moments, of all time in this band, was we had a guy named Kevin Skully– who for awhile we were a five piece– he’s a cool guy but after awhile we just split and went our separate ways, but while he was still in the band he [Andy] has his Grandma coming out one night and he was like, “Guys, no matter what you do, please don’t curse.” So, the first thing he [Kevin] says is, “What do you guys think of dead babies?” Just, right away going into it (laughs).
Andy: She took me out of the Will.
All: (laugh).

* What’s more important to the band, the journey or the destination?
Oh my God. What’s the point of the destination if you don’t have the journey. It’s all about the experience, it’s what it is. People, when they ask us, “Hey, what do you love about the band?” It’s the stories we get on the road. Just things like that. The only reason you feel like you’ve accomplished anything is because you’ve gone through it and had that experience, and that’s what I love about it.

* Last question. Do you have any last words?
Danny, any last words?
Daniel: Oh man… ummm… I’m on the spot.
Adrian: Just dance.
All: (laugh)
Adrian: Check out our Myspace.
Logan: Come to our shows.
Adrian: We have shows listed on our Myspace all of the time. It’s very simple. We always have our songs up. Let us know what you think, we always like to hear feedback. If you think we suck, then bring it.
Logan: Tell us that too.