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Interview | Cute Is What We Aim For

February 28, 2009
By: Megan Washington
Video Interview: Available here.

* The Take Action Tour is supporting DoSomething.Org again this year, which is an organization that believes young people have the power to make a difference. So, as the headliners of this tour, how are you hoping to inspire young people to get involved?
Oh, my.
Dave: I think, one of the ways we’re trying to inspire people to get involved is that we’re doing alot of charity events while we’re on the road. We went to DoSomething.Org offices in New York City, we did a jean drive with them. In North Carolina we went to the children’s hospital. We’re going to do a beach clean up. We’re doing all sorts of stuff. The only way to set an example is by doing stuff.
Shannt: The cool thing about the DoSomething Organization is that it allows us to kind of take a step back and say, “Look at what we get to do.” We almost want to inspire these people that come to see us that they can do it as well. It’s really not that hard, and no one should tell them no. So it’s a theme of just doing something. I’m not sure if I answered that. I tried.

* Do you guys have any juicy road stories from this tour so far?
I’m not saying anything. I woke up naked today.
Dave: Wow!
Shannt: I don’t know how.
Sean: I was there.
Dave: We got in a fight too.
Shannt: Seabass was there. Oh yeah, we got in a fight. Did you hear about that? When we were in Pittsburgh some dude decided to throw bottles at our van– our bus. So, Dave took care of business. Then, one thing that’s awesome that I just thought of is that we just sold our old van, the original, the only van that we’ve ever had really, to Anarbor. It’s in the background right now which is crazy, because we’re in Florida.
Dave: It still has like the broken mirror, the stickers on it.
Shannt: It has the sharpie stains on the inside.
Dave: It still has the fucking quarter on the wheel. They’re like, “Is this good luck or something?” We’re like, “Nahhh.”
Shannt: No.

* You guys just shot a new video so can you give away any details away about that?
Yea, absolutely. The new video we just shot, is for a song that– we’re just going to let people find out when the video comes out– but it’s based on Sgt. Sebastian, our best friend, who is a pug puppy– who’s mine, I guess. But, it’s in the day-in-the-life of Cute Is What We Aim For through the dogs eyes. So, a whole bunch of camera work. He came to the Atlantic offices and met with John Janick and stuff, and everyone at the label. So, it was really funny. Yeah, those the are juicy deets.

* What direction do you see the band currently moving in?
I think the band is currently moving in the direction of finding ourselves between the two records that we’ve already made. They’re very extremes of each other. So I think we’re almost going to kind of find the middle ground.
Dave: Hopefully. That’s the plan.
Shannt: We want to make a record fast, atleast I want to make a record fast so we don’t have too much time to think about it. The first record, we had three weeks to do the whole thing. So, how do you guys feel? We haven’t really discussed this.
Dave: No, it makes sense. When you don’t have time to think about it, you kind of just do it. I think that’s why the band was so successful in the first place, so why not keep going?

* What are the best and worst pick up lines that you guys have heard?
It’s so funny that you should ask us this. We were just asked by someone else recently. We actually went on a generator or a pick up line website.
Dave: Oh, wait! Yo! One day Seabass’ phone, he’s our Tour Manager, it was vibrating and I was near by so i just looked. It said, “All your nicknames are so sexy to me.” Like, that was the chicks pick up line. So that was a pretty bad one. Best one?
Shannt: I don’t know, I wouldn’t call them pick up lines. I call them funny lines, they’re fucked up lines. There never going to work. Unless the polar bear breaking the ice, that’s kinda cute– you’ve got your border line ones, but the rest are really reverse.
Dave: Is your daddy a terrorist? ‘Cause you da bomb.
Shannt: *laughs*
Dave: It always provokes a little chuckle.

* What’s more important to the band, the ride or the destination?
The ride. There is no destination. The only destination I have is to pay my bills, and to still have a good time with my friends. That’s it. I mean, it’s life, it’s a journey. I like that question alot.

* It’s also rumored that you guys got a new manager. Is that true?
* So who are you guys going to be working with now?
Right now we are with Tim Kirch who does The Maine, and A Rocket To The Moon. We’ve known him for years. He TM-ed This Providence on the Paramore tour back in ’06 so we got to know him really well. I guess things occurred and we decided to move on and now we’re working together. Thus far it’s been awesome. It’s cool to have someone who is young, just as you are and wants the same thing.

* Since the release of Rotation how has the band changed and evolved?
Well the obvious change would be line up. You know, we’re happy, finally! (to Dave) You’ve always been real level headed, (to Jeff) as have you. But I don’t know, we’re all comfortable with each other. It’s like never before. I’ve seen sides of these guys that I hadn’t had an opportunity to. Like for instance, on Saturdays Jeff doesn’t speak.
Jeff: It’s true.
Shannt: But the biggest change is smiles on our faces, like, it’s not bullshit. It’s really inspiring to finally be happy instead of being miserable with each other. We didn’t have the right people around us, down to crew members, down to Mikey our drummer. Every aspect is a pleasure. Not only are signings fun now, not only are photo shoots fun, as is hanging out on the bus together. It use to be, I’m really giving you alot of details, but it use to be the front lounge hang and then the back lounge hand. But now, it’s just all over we’re just a cohesive unit. It’s really just a pleasure. (to Dave and Jeff) Thank you.
Dave: Thank you.

* Are you guys going to be recording any new material soon?
We’ve been demo-ing. You know, we may choose to play a song during a sound check on this tour. So, maybe there will be some YouTube clips. But, we’re ready to go.

* Is it going to be similar or different compared to your other releases?
I think it’s going to be, as we said earlier, a meshing of the two. We love both styles. Musically, Rotation— (to Dave and Jeff) which do you like better?
Dave: I mean, again, I’m kind of biased bro, you know what I mean?
Shannt: Jeff?
Jeff: I like Rotation.
Shannt: Yeah? So I myself, lyrically, like Blood Rush. So we’ll definitely try to find the middle ground. These guys, what they’re writing as far as musically, is awesome and I’m really, really excited to have the opportunity to sing on top of it.

* What’s next for the band?
Well, after this tour, we’re going to hope to do some international stuff with The Maine, or something in the UK. We’ve never been to Australia and we really want to go there.
Dave: Or Japan, man. I want to go there.
Shannt: He wants to become a ninja, no lie.
Dave: I do.
Shannt: It’s weird. He just bought this Kung Fu…
Dave: Edge of the Dragon, it’s a great Bruce Lee movie.
Shannt: He got me to watch it, and it is sick. It’s not subtitles with the weird…. it’s actually legit. Then, we are going to write and do whatever the hell we want to do.
Jeff: Yeah.

* Do you guys have any final words of wisdom?
Never let anyone tell you no. Just walk by them without causing any harm.
Dave: Wow. I can’t really do it much better than that.
Shannt: On the spot.
Dave: There ya go.