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Interview | Cady Groves

May 26, 2010 –
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Callie Rawls
Label: RCA
Video Interview: Available here.

* On your Myspace page you have a cover of “God Must Have Spent” by NSYNC, and obviously they are from Florida, so were you a big boy band fan?
Oh, they’re from Florida? I didn’t know that. I did love me some NSYNC back in the day. But, the only concert that I use to watch over and over by them was the one on HBO where they all wore the silk jumpsuits. You know the one I’m talking about?

* Oh, yeah (laughs).
I know every dance move.

* That’s awesome.
That’s why I’m into them. You know? Plus it’s a really cool song and I like singing guy songs sometimes more than girl songs. So, I don’t know. I had so much fun with it. It was really for fun and that’s it.

* It was a fun song.

* What are your plans for when after the Bamboozle Roadshow wraps up?
I want to start recording a bunch of demos and start working on a new album. Then, I want to do anything and everything, and go on another tour and meet some new people; just play music for the rest of my life.

* We heard that you’re going to be on Stereo Skyline’s headlining tour. Are you stoked for that?
Yeah, yeah. I like those guys, they’re cool.

* You’re going to be demoing for your full length, so do you know who you’d like to work with yet?
Yeah, I have a few people in mind. Like, I just honestly–in the end I don’t think it really matters who you work with as much as the songs. So, I just really want to concentrate on that first–getting my songs the way I want them.

* You also have some videos up on your Myspace called “The Ukulele Adventures.” So, what inspired that?
(laughs) I have no idea. Like, my manager was like, “I mailed you a ukulele. Have fun.” I was like, “Oh cool, ’cause I know how to play those,” and I didn’t. So I just got it in the mail and sat there and looked on the internet and was just picking on it for like three hours. I was like, “Cool. I’m going to make a video real quick.” I had no idea what I was doing, and it shows. But, I’m just an idiot so I thought I would just show people that I really don’t know what I’m doing here–you can make music out of not knowing anything about music.

* Do you plan to do more of those?
Cady: Yeah, probably soon. I forgot my ukulele on this tour because I was going to make a bunch in the van, but I have a mandolin which I’ve been playing which is pretty cool. I’m trying to learn.

* You also have some music videos for “One In The Same” and “Real With Me” out. So, did you create the concept for those?
Not “One In The Same.” “One In The Same” was an actual legit video set in a studio in Brooklyn but the other one I made up completely myself and I did it with my friends and I was just like, “Let’s do this, let’s do that!” We spent two days shooting all of the scenes and I had everything in my head the way I wanted it and I did all of it. It was cool. One of my friends, Ryan, helped me. He’s really cool, he’s from New Mexico and he’s really, really talented.

* Did you get to pick out your outfits for that or did you have a stylist?
Yeah! No, please. I was just there hanging out. I wore like nasty cut jeans and t-shirts. That’s who I really am, so the song is called, “Real With Me.”

* Right. You stated that your favorite song from your latest EP is “Or Else.” So, have you also found that to be a crowd favorite?
I’ve never played it live, so I don’t know. I know people are always like, “Why don’t you play ‘Or Else’?” But, really, the problem is I switched guitarists right after I made my album so he’s still learning alot of–I have like a billion songs. Plus like, I get bored of playing my already recorded songs. I’m like, “Let’s play all of these eighty-five demos I made up last week.” They’re like, “Oh, cool. I gotta learn eighty-five new songs.” So, he just has to learn ‘Or Else.’ We just have to practice it. But, I like it. It means a lot to me–the song does.

* What is it about the song that makes it your favorite?
Well, it’s kind of like–’cause like, the first line, “When I walked out on the first day all that I could say was hello and when I think about the last thing I thought I wanted, hey hey hello.” It’s like, when I was seventeen I was all by myself and I had been for a little bit. I was scared because I had always been by myself and I had met–the first person I was ever with, and I was kind of set in my ways with being alone and then like, “when I think about the last thing I thought I wanted,” in the song, “hey hey hello.” It’s like he stumbled upon–I stumbled upon it and that’s how I knew it was real. I was always so scared to give myself to that person because I had always been set in being alone. “Look up ’cause I’m falling on you fast now and I’m not going to stop myself.” It’s kind of like letting that be okay. Yeah. (laughs).

* You recently signed with RCA. So was signing with a major label something that you planned on doing, that you wanted to do, or was it something that you were just fortunate enough to have happen?
Honestly, I never expected to get anything. This all happened so fast, it was ridiculous. I can’t even–I’m so thankful for everything. Even if I wasn’t signed to a label or anything, I would just want to do this. Honestly–labels–it’s not about like, “Oh, I’m so cool Ke$ha’s my label mate.” No. To me, it’s about, I’m going to have a whole label that’s supporting me, and my ideas, and my future, and they believe in me enough to want to support me in every way they can. So that means that I get to do alot of better things and my music gets to reach a lot more people. That’s what it means to me. It doesn’t mean the status. Majors can do a lot more than indies so…

* Do you feel like you’re going to lose any of your creative control with having a major label…
Seriously, RCA and I, we’re like–we just see eye-to-eye. They want to make it where we both agree on stuff. They have the same vision as me, so I don’t see how it could be a big struggle. I mean, they know exactly what I want and that’s what they want too.

* So what is your ultimate goal with music? What is it that you want to achieve?
I honestly just want–okay cause–when I first started making The Life of A Pirate album, and my EP before that, my whole goal was to not feel so sick anymore. I’ve been so introverted my whole life and I never opened up, I never talked; I was always so quiet. I was told to just stay quiet. I was never important or the “pretty girl,” or anything. All that–writing all of those songs was a way for me to be like, “Hey screw you guys. I can be cool too. I can do something I want to do. Just because I don’t feel pretty or normal doesn’t mean I can’t sing and have fun.” So, that’s what that was about. Now I feel like I’ve moved on from that part of my life, and I’m more of an adult now. Now I want to write about what I’m seeing, what I’m feeling at all times now since all of that pain is gone. It’s like I have new adventures. My songs now are more hopeful.

* Did you by any chance ever get to see The Buried Life on MTV at all?
The what?

* The Buried Life.

* No? Okay, well it’s a group of four guys that–they have a bucket list and they go to accomplish things they want to do before they die. So, our question for you is, what is the one thing you want to do before you die?
Oh gosh. What do I want to do before I die? Oh! I said it today, like ten minutes ago. I want to sell out the Ford Amphitheater. Like a theater that big! I want to sell it out, and I want fans screaming every word of my songs and then I want to go hang out with them afterwords and give them hugs and celebrate together.

* Also, what is your ultimate summer jam, like if you hear it, no matter what time of year it is, you think of summer?
Currently–this is going to have two answers–my favorite song is The Ready Set song, “Love Like Woe” cause they sing it all of the time. You know the one that I’m talking about?

* Yeah.
Yeah. It’s so catchy. It just says ‘woe’ a whole bunch of times and (laughs)…”woe-woe.” But, like, all through the summer, I’m going to have to say–no one probably knows this song–either a No Doubt song or that one song by Len, “I was sitting on the porch on Sunday morning of last week indulging in my self defeats…” Yeah, that one!

* Those are some good choices.
“I know…if you steal my sunshine!” That one! That’s what it’s called. I heard it yesterday and got really excited.

* Our last question for you is what would you like to say to all of your fans?
Um… sorry The Ready Set is playing. First of all, I don’t consider anyone a fan because I think that’s weird. I’m not cooler than anyone. I would say to anyone who aspires to do what I’m doing, it seriously happens randomly. Like, I had a two year depression, a deep depression, and I never thought I would get out of that. I never thought that I would get to be a normal person with a functioning brain again. I was just so sad about so many things that have happened to me. Then I just randomly woke up one day and was like, “Get busy, go do something.” So, I just did it and from that moment on I’ve been sprinting and I’m not stopping. Just don’t give up because all of this stuff happens so randomly and so fast. Like, six months. It just happened. Anyone who is scared or thinks it’s too late, it’s not. You can do it anytime. So, just believe in yourself. I know it sounds stupid but… (laughs).