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Interview | Breathe Carolina

November 26, 2010
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Amanda Rose & Megan Brown
Label: Fearless Records
Video Interview: Available here.

* ‘Tis The Season To Be Fearless just came out and you guys contributed “Mile High Christmas” to it. So, since it’s kinda after Thanksgiving and it’s the “normal” Christmas time, are you guys going to be performing that in your set for the last couple of days?
No. Honestly, no. We just haven’t had time to practice…
David: We recorded it right before we left for this tour and we didn’t have a chance to play it at all so… I mean, it would probably be pretty fun to play, but we—yeah, probably not. I’m not sure if we will…
Kyle: Maybe someday in the future.
David: We kind of just made it for us to just have a Christmas song, you know what I mean? It’s not really meant to be a live song—just to be fun.
Kyle: Just to have a track with our family.

* In the song you guys say that you made a snowman to look like Snookie. So, what exactly does your version of a Snookie-fied snowman look like?
I don’t know, just–a snowman is round and Snookie rhymes with cookie.
David: I mean, it’s just kinda like small and stubby but not in a like—I’m not talking any shit, I’m not putting her down—she’s a little stubby and round and it rhymes with cookie so it just kind of fit really nicely.
Kyle: Yeah, dude we’re hooking her up a little bit.
David: We’re giving her some promotion, she needs it. You know? (laughs)
Kyle: We’re giving her the ‘ol BC push.

* So hopefully she’ll return the favor, right?
David: She better be wearing a BC shirt on the next episode of Jersey Shore.
Kyle: She’ll be like, “Fuck those kids.” No man, dude, we’re all about it. She’s holding her shit down. That’s a real ass lady right there.

* You guys are going to be releasing your third album in the coming months. So, have you finished it or is it still a work in progress?
Still a work in progress. We have another month that we’re going to go and finish songs. We just worked for a month straight in the studio with a bunch of different producers and all our boys. So yeah, still working.

* You guys have worked with a lot of different people in the past. Are there going to be any guest appearances on it?
David: Tons.
Kyle: We can’t say anything yet because it doesn’t exist yet but once it does we’ll be able to drop names and go forward with that.

* How do you guys plan on taking your new music to the next level for the new album?
Just building our live show bigger and bigger and bigger. I think that’s always our goal, “how can we keep evolving that,” because that’s…
David: It’s like understanding what Breathe Carolina sounds like and also understanding a new level of Breathe Carolina. Like, mixing that together is the goal. It’s always going to be Breathe Carolina but there always has to be something new coming into the equation. So, I think that’s what we’re focusing on—making sure that we’re staying who we are and also experimenting with new things and stuff like that.
Kyle: We can’t write the same record every time.

* We saw that you guys are going to Japan. Have you played there yet?
David: No, it’s our first time.

* So what are you looking forward to the most about going there?
Just feeling out something different. We won’t be able to read or anything, or speak to anybody really like this you know? I think that’s going to be really fun and a cool experience. Even to see if we even have a fan base over there. That will be really interesting, I think.
David: I’m excited because I’ve heard like—every band that I’ve talked to about Japan is like, “Dude that was my favorite week of my life,” or whatever. You know what I mean? So, I’m like really stoked. Every body says it’s awesome so we’re all pretty pumped to go over there and experience some new shit.
Kyle: It will definitely be a good way to end the year.

* I don’t know if it’s true or not, but one of my friends told me that they have underwear vending machines over there.
I’ve heard that as well too.

* Okay, so it must be true!
I want to say that there’s like an eighty-five percent positive.
Kyle: I’ll have to get some vending machine undies, dude.

* True or fale. You guys have seen Deathly Hallows.
David has, I have not yet. But, I’ve read the book.
David: I haven’t read the book, but I saw the movie. It was good.

* Since this year is almost over already, what’s the one thing you guys are the most proud having done in 2010?
I think the songs we’ve already accomplished for the next record are probably some of the best songs I’ve ever been apart of. I’m definitely super proud of them.
David: I think we’ve done so much in this year, so far. In 2010, we’ve been to the UK twice, we’ve been to Europe, we did Warped Tour, we did Attack Attack! tour, we recorded for a month, now we did the Mayday Parade tour, we’re about to go to Japan… so I think there’s been a lot compacted into this year that has made it just awesome for us.
Kyle: Knowing that we’re going to Australia next year already which is going to be wild because all of our friends—it’s cool because Every Avenue and Mayday Parade are going to be out there as well for Soundwave. It’ll be a good time.

* A mini version of this tour with your friends, with lots of other bands.
Yeah, with lots of other bands.
Kyle: Lots of, yeah.
David: It’s the Australian Warped Tour, basically.
Kyle: Warped Tour in Australia, that’s going to be a good time.

* Have you guys thought of any New Years resolutions yet?
I have not thought about that at all, to be honest.

* You guys gotta start thinking, it’s almost here.
I know, it’s getting close.

* To close with, do you guys have any profound words of wisdom for your fans?
Just be yourself
Kyle: Yeah.
David: Trust yourself. Know that you can do whatever you want to do if you really do it. Not to be ‘cliche’, but it’s true. Focus on what you want and get it.
Kyle: Don’t be afraid to open up to people either. I think a lot of people out there when they first meet–maybe even somebody that they think—alright, so today we’re playing with Cartel. We’ve never met Cartel. Love that band to death. Like, one of my favorite bands—all of us, we love them. It’s weird because they play right before us. So now, yesterday, we were talking and we were kind of trippin’.
David: We play after Cartel, that’s just weird to us.
Kyle: I mean, shit, we saw them play with like Gatsby’s—was that Gatsby’s and Starting Line?
David: That sounds right.
Kyle: Man, that was a long time ago. I mean, I feel like now going through all these experiences and everything, I’m not afraid to go and introduce myself. Where as before, I wound have been. Don’t be afraid to overcome those little obstacles in life that may be you really want to have happen. All you have to do is just ask. Don’t be afraid to ask for things. Just enjoy yourself. Enjoy your time.