Brad Fischetti

From: November 2002
By: Megan Washington

What are your hopes and goals for your 111 label that you created?

To make meaningful music available and to help artists further their careers.

We ask everyone that we interview. Do you like pineapple?

Love it. I ate some last night.

What prompted LFO to split/ go on hiatus?

There were several reasons for the hiatus. It seemed to start with our record company deciding to stop promoting the “Life is Good” album. Each of us in LFO are very different people and this hiatus is a good thing for us. I hope we do another record some time next year.

To date, what do you feel your greatest accomplishment has been?

Owning my own home.

What is one thing that we can expect from you in the future?

Music, movies, and modeling. Maybe a couple of books, too!

What CD do you have spinning in your stereo right now?

The new Nirvana CD.

If given the opportunity to calibrate with another artist, who would you like to work with?

Brad: Harold Lima.

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