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Interview | Bomb Shelter « Stardust Entertainment & Media
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Interview | Bomb Shelter

July 13, 2002 –
By: Shana Loupe & Megan Washington

• What do you think has been your greatest accomplishment so far?
Well, in May we opened at a big festival in Florida, it was called Spring Fest. We had a big write up in the paper. We opened for Kansas. It was great, they had the big jumbo trons.

• If you could star in a movie with anyone, who would you want to star in it with?
I like Brad Pitt. Wait, it would be John Travolta.

• What’s the best way for a fan to catch your attention?
I think just being right up in the front.

• What has been your most memorable performance?
I have two. The one was when we were playing at home, and one of my dreams is for people to be singing along. Well the whole front section was singing our songs. The second was Spring Fest. It was a huge crowd.

• If you could play anywhere in the world, where would you like to play?
I would like to play in a stadium.

• What CD do you currently have in your stereo right now?
Ours. Laughs It’s our new one.

• Do you like pineapple?
Uh-hugh. (Laughs and points at Shana’s necklace) Does your necklace have a meaning, with the pineapple?
Shana: It’s for Sponge Bob, actually.
Jet: Awesome.

• What’s your favorite cartoon?
It would definitely be Beetlejuice.

• Where do you see your band in five years?
Hopefully in stadiums, and nation wide radio.

• What’s one thing that nobody knows about you?
I’m an aerobics instructor.

• Who’s your celebrity crush?
Besides my bass player? (Laughs)

• Describe your clothing style.
Well I tried to be American today. I have the flag on my pants.

• Is there anything you want your fans to know?
Gosh, just that I love them.