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Interview | Blue Background

August 2002
By: Shana Loupe

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment as a band?
I think our biggest accomplishment is that we are able to put things together fairly professionally. We do our own website, take our own pictures, design our CDs, promote ourselves, go to every concert/music conference type gathering we can to give out demos. I think we’ve gone from knowing nothing about how to get ourselves out there, to ending up doing the right things all on our own.
Christopher: Our biggest accomplishment is all of the recordings we’ve done, and how much we’ve inproved at recording and producing our music.
Maggie: I think that just learning to play was our biggest accomplishment. It was so difficult for us to put a song together in the beginning, but now it’s like second nature.

What has been your most memorable performance?
Every show that we play has been memorable for me in some way, for the most part. Some of the most memorable were playing for Maverick Records on the Unlisted tour, winning the FAME battle of the bands, and some other shows have been memorable because they turned out awful.
Sarah: We played this show at a bar, and it was so terrible! We were too young to be in the bar area, so we had to stay only in a band room. It was so late, so we were all tired and hungry, so we left to go get a pizza in the bar, and they tried to kick us out. We were like “We’re one of the bands!” It turned out the people we played with hated us, and the band that played before us kicked us out of the band room, so we stood in the hall behind the stage for like 3 hours before we played. I never want to play that venue again, but that’s not a problem because they all hate us there anyway!
Chris: My most memorable show the battle of the bands, I was so excited when we won.

How did you get your band name? Any special meaning?
Long story, we knew this kid named Thomas. He wanted to be a graphic designer so he was always messing with pictures. We sent him some our stuff, and everything came back with this awful ugly blue background, and we thought it was funny!
Maggie: This is our favorite question!

Do you like pineapple?
I LOVE fresh cut pineapple, it’s wonderful.
Chris: I like pineapple almost as much as I like Jeopardy.
Maggie: Yes.

Where does your inspiration come from when you write your songs?
If by the CD you mean “Out of the Basement,” I can’t say I have a favorite. We’re working on a new full length, and we’ve changed so much since then, I feel like we’re a different band.
Maggie: A lot of the lyrics on OTB really meant something to us, so in that aspect probably Arlington Ave.
Chris: Definitely Black Clouds.

What’s your favorite song from the CD?
From my life.
Sarah: From everything that happens and everyone I meet.
Chris: The things I write reflect the mood I’m in when I’m writing.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would play in New York, everyone plays there, everyone loves it there, and I’ve never been there.
Maggie: My goal in life is to fill the Coliseum in Fort Wayne, it’s really big. Other than that, I’d love to play in LA or London.
Chris: The Eagles Grand Ballroom in Milwaukee, because I saw Weezer there and it was a really cool venue.

What motivates you to do music?
It’s become an obsession for me ever since I got really into music when I was a lot younger.
Chris: I just love it.
Sarah: I love playing live shows and recording more than anything in the world, so I always want to have new songs to play.

Do you always agree with different things with the music?
Sometimes we don’t, but for the most part we do.

Do you have anything that you would like to tell your fans?
Order one of our bumper stickers, they’re free! Just kidding, thank you so much and keep rockin’!
Sarah: Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, thanks for believing in us!
Chris: Keep going to the site, and stay updated on us. Keep coming to the shows! Oh yeah, and I’m single.