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Interview | Blessthefall

October 22, 2009 –
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Callie Rawls
Label: Fearless Records
Video Interview: Available here.

Witness was released on October 6th, and it landed on Billboard’s Top 200 chart at 56. So, did you guys have any bets going on how many copies it would sell or where it would be on the charts?
Beau: We were like, “Okay, if it hits ten [thousand] we’re all going to be pretty stoked.” You know what I mean? You have to hit atleast 10 [thousand] to make top 100. So, it did 11-something and we were like, “Wow, that’s rad.” We were all super stoked. I was happy with 10 [thousand], so anything above that we were all really stoked on. To hit 56 on Billboard was like—it’s pretty cool you know? It’s a good feeling. Especially with music the way it is these days and people not selling records and stuff like that.

* What was the most difficult thing you guys faced when you were recording Witness?
Beau: The most difficult thing was actually staying off the beach and recording music was probably the hardest part. We were like in this insane house with like six bedrooms or something, flat screen TV’s, a foosball table; it was like a resort. On a giant, giant, huge screen TV, I’d watch the Laker game on every night. We’d all just go out on the beach and hang out like it was a vacation. They’re like, “You gotta come record your part!” We were like, “Okay, cool.” But um, no, that was honestly the hardest part was like not being on the beach and stuff. It was kind of surreal.

* And they expected you to work with those conditions?
Beau: I know! They’re like, “Now you gotta come in and do work.” I would just work—I had these little like stupid shorts that I’d wear, like these little red booty shorts things I would wear the whole time. I would track just like that with nothing else on. I was just like, I had my flip flops, it was super relaxed and super cool.

* The cover of your album has a butterfly on it. Is there a certain significance to just one butterfly or was it just random album art that you guys really liked?
Beau: Joey took the photo, and we saw that photo and were like—the whole idea behind the record is like a rebirthing and like and growing from something the band used to be to something even bigger and better and beautiful—you know. That was kinda like a cool significance; simple. A lot of people use it but it really can tell a million different stories. It’s really cool to have that and just signify us rebirthing ourselves as a band—like a new band.

* With this being the Atticus Tour, and you guys being co-headliners, did you have any say in the rest of the bands that were going to be on the tour?
Beau: Yeah. You know, a lot of bands submitted and we kind of picked the bands that we—you know Vanna, we’ve played with before and Drop Dead Gorgeous are friends of ours, and we really wanted Let’s Get It because they’re different and we love their music.

* They’re fun.
Beau: Yeah, they’re really fun, yeah. It kind of reminds me of the older Panic! At The Disco with the dancy feel, and I love that. I love all types of music. I was like, “We have to have them on the tour! I don’t care what it takes.” So, they’re all really cool kids and we’re trying to support them as much as possible—you know because it’s a different crowd, but they’re doing good.

* What do you think it takes to stay relevent in todays music scene?
Beau: It takes, I mean, it takes a lot of hard work. It’s not just selling records because it’s so hard to just sell records. You have to—the music has to be even better than ever. Your live show has to be insane to keep peoples’ attention, other wise if you just go on stage and play your instruments and get off, everyone’s like, “Well why do I even come out to watch the band?” Especially in our type of music, it’s super aggressive. We’re all super hyper-active anyway, so we don’t have a problem with that. We pride ourselves on our live show and sounding as good live as we do on the cd—or as best as we can.

* “God Wears Gucci” was released as your first single from the album, but we actually came across some information that you guys are going to be doing a video for “What’s Left of Me.” So, no video for “God Wears Gucci?”
Beau: No, we were going to do that but we decided that we wanted a more aggressive song. I mean, “God Wears Gucci” has a part like with the bridge to the ending that’s kind of epic and big but we wanted something that kind of like comes and kicks you in the face and “Whats Left of Me” kind of does that the whole song. It’s kind of just like going, going, going, going and the video was alot more fun to shoot with us being able to rock out the whole time. I actually saw the first cut of it and it’s really rad.

* Can you give away any secrets about it?
Beau: We’re gonna put out a behind the scenes video of it pretty soon. It’s basically all live performance shots in this rad studio. The whole idea behind it is that we make a music video—people know it’s a video—you’re filming a video, it’s not real, whatever. So we did this like behind the scenes of the video so when you actually watch the music video you see other cameras on the trolly thing roll by, or the huge boom one come down, you see the director like filming us super close, and that was all behing shot while we shot the video. So, it’s cool. It’s a little different. Yeah, the shots look rad, the editing is awesom. We had just a few notes, then it should be done.

* Do you know when you guys are going to be putting that up yet?
Beau: Hopefully soon. I know that we’re going to try to get the behind the scenes out next week—like early next week, like Monday or something. The video should go up shortly after that.

* After the Atticus Tour wraps up, you guys are going to be heading to the UK. So what are you looking forward to the most about going overseas?
Beau: Snacks. They’ve got great snacks over there. They have like—it’s called chips and vinegar. It’s just big french fries—big french fries and they pour vinegar all over them and I love that. It’s my favorite snack. I’ll do it here but everyone kind of looks at me weird. There you just…

* Over there it’s natural.
Beau: Yeah, there it’s natural. They have kabob shops, is what they call them. They’ve got these meats on these big spinning stick things and they just kind of slice off the meat and they make pita kabob things. They’re really good. Everyone complains about the food over there, but I like it. It’s different.

* Sounds Interesting.
Beau: Yeah.

* So, Halloween is almost here. Have you guys decided if you’re going to dress up as anything together?
Beau: Um, I really want to do all of us as Ninja Turtles, and I was going to be Shredder. Then I had the idea to all be G.I. Joes and be all camo paint and everything else. Eric really wants to be Lebron James since we’ll be in Cleveland, and he wants to paint himself black. Which means, all of us would kind of have to be basketball players. So, I would probably be Kobe in that case ’cause the Lakers are my favorite team.

* Anybody going to be Dwight?
Beau: Dwight Howard? Probably, I could see Jared maybe because he’s But, yeah, Jared likes Dwight Howard alot. Seeing Eric as Lebron James would be awesome. I’d have to like battle him out on stage one-on-one or something like that.

* If you could pick any one song that could possibly be your guilty pleasure song for this tour, what one song would that be?
Beau: It would probably be Owl City… any song off of that album. I like the album alot and I’m not afraid to admit it.

* The final question is: What would you like to say to your fans?
Beau: Thank you so much to the people that bought our record, and even the people that downloaded it—I know like alot of people download, whatever—either way you worked to get our music and I hope you like it. Come out to the shows, and come say hello. That’s about it.