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Interview | A Rocket To The Moon

August 2, 2009 –
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Whitney Johnson
Label: Fueled By Ramen / Atlantic
Video Interview: Available here.

* Your full length album is coming out in October, right?
Eric: Yes.
Andrew: Correct.

* And, it’s called On Your Side.
Where’d you hear that?

* From your publicist.
Nick: (laughs) I guess we should find out when we can start saying that stuff.

* We can edit that out.
: It’s all good.
Nick: No, It doesn’t mater.
Eric: Yeah.
Nick: I just didn’t know we could say it yet.

* Well, the first question was, how did you guys come up with the title for it?
: I thought of the line, “my love is always on your side,” when I was on an airplane coming back from Arizona–home. I just kinda used it as a blog title, and it kinda stuck. Me and Justin started writing for it, and we kinda used it in a song. We just thought it sounded cool.

* Now, are there going to be any tracks from the Greetings From… EP on the new album?
Um, we did “Dakota,” but it sounds pretty much the same.

* How many tracks is the new album going to have?
Justin: Twelve.

* A Rocket To The Moon originally started as just you, Nick. Was adding more members to the band something you had always envisioned or was it something that the pieces just fell into place?
I wanted to, yeah. I wanted to make a full band. It’s alot better now.
Eric: Thanks.

* You guys recently announced that it was the three of you [Justin, Nick, Eric] as A Rocket To The Moon. So, is adding the drummer as a full time member also something you guys want to do?
Yeah, we’re gonna do that when the record comes out, and new photos come out and stuff like that.
Eric: This is Andrew, by the way.
Andrew: Hi. (waves)
Eric: The drummer.

* You released a video for “If Only They Knew” not too long ago, and the most talked about scene is where Eric gets hit in the head with a ball. Is that something that you guys planned, or is it something…
Yeah, it was planned.
Justin: It was kind of, just like a, “Here you’re going to throw a ball at his head,” pretty much.
Nick: Well, it looked like you hit it with the bat when it was really him [Justin] just swinging and the ball in the second frame just throwing it.
Eric: Chucking the ball at my head.

* So it wasn’t just a lucky shot.
We did it twice. The first one like slammed me in the face, and actually it really hurt. I thought I broke my nose, or something. It hit my nose.
Justin: It was supposed to look like we were just having a good time, and something went wrong. (laughs)
Andrew: There’s nothing I like more than slamming Halvo in the face with a ball.

* We also discovered that you guys announced a fall tour which you are going to be apart of. So, you guys, can you talk about that?
Yeah. I mean, I think we can. I’ve heard Boys Like Girls already talking about it on their twitter. We’re going out with VersaEmerge, The Maine, Cobra Starship, and Boys Like Girls. It’s in October and November.

* You guys just played a stint on Warped Tour, and now that you’re on The Cab’s tour, how has the transition been from being outside to being back in?
It’s nice with air conditioning.
Eric: Yeah.
Justin: Warped was alot of fun. This is alot of fun too, but…
Nick: It’s two different things, completely.
Andrew: I think we all miss the buss a little bit too.
Eric: Yeah.
Justin: Yeah.
Eric: Warped Tour was like, I don’t know. It was sweet just hanging out every day with so many different bands. Having the opportunity to watch all these good bands every day.
Nick: It was like a new surprise every day too with what time you were playing, what bands you could watch.
Andrew: It gives you the opportunity to meet alot of bands you wouldn’t otherwise meet too. While we’re at the barbeque and playing cornhole with Gallows and Alexisonfire, it’s like we would normally not be doing that because we wouldn’t be on tour with Gallows. You know, just because being kind of different bands. That’s what’s cool about Warped Tour, it just brings alot of people together and it’s a good environment. A good positive environment.
Eric: It’s like camp.
Andrew: Yeah, summer camp.
Nick: Camp Rock.
Eric: It’s like camping.
Nick: It’s a Camp Rock.

* If you guys could pick one song that would remind you of this particular summer, it can be your song or anybody elses song, what one song would that be?
“This Is the Night,” or whatever. You know that one?
Nick: Eve 6?
Eric: No. (sings) This is the night, dancing free…
Andrew: (laughs).
Nick: (laughs).
Justin: (laughs).
Andrew: I don’t even know what song that is.
Eric: Maybe not that one.
Nick: “Summer Nights” from Rascal Flatts.
Andrew: Is there a song that everybody was like singing?
Nick: Ohhh, uh.. (sings) What I want you’ve got, but it might be hard to handle.
All: Yeah! Hall and Oats.
Eric: Any fun song that you can think of works.
Andrew: Hall and Oats was definately what was sung the most.
Nick: Hot Rod Circuit too.

* The last question is, what would you guys like to say to your fans and supporters?
Thanks for being there.
Eric: Yeah.
Justin: Thank you.
Nick: We wouldn’t be doing this if you guys didn’t come to the shows or buy our CD’s and stuff. So, yeah.
Justin: Come hang out with us at shows.
Nick: Buy our record when it comes out in October. And, come hang out on Boys Like Girls.
Justin: We like hanging out after the shows.
Andrew: It’s true.