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Interview | All Time Low « Stardust Entertainment & Media
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Interview | All Time Low

July 26, 2009 –
By: Megan Washington | Filmed By: Riley Nixon
Label: Hopeless
Video Interview: Available here.

* Nothing Personal debuted at number four on Billboard. Was that something you guys expected, or was that a shock to you?
Not at all.
Jack: Not at all. I didn’t even know we’d make top ten. I think we—we made bets actually.
Rian: Yeah we had a pool where all of us and our crew, and label people…
Jack: We all put in $20. The majority said we’d do around 39 to 40 [thousand] the first week.
Rian: Mine originally was 25 and I switched it to 32,000. The highest one was one of the guys from Hopeless Records who said 50—we all kind of laughed at him. But yeah, so, he ended up winning it because we did what? 63.
Jack: Damn him!
Rian: Yeah, he won $200.

* If you guys could pick any song to describe this summer, what song would it be?
Definitely, “The Rock Show.”
Rian: Yeah, “The Rock Show”‘s perfect. I was going to say “The Rock Show,” or “Dumpweed.” But, “Rock Show”‘s better.
Jack: By Blink. Incase you guy’s didn’t know that.
Rian: In which case, you probably shouldn’t be interviewing us then. (laughs).

* How was it, working with Mark Hoppus?
Jack: My knees were shaking.
Rian: It was pretty much like–it was the first song we worked on for the record, and that’s the reason it didn’t end up making the record. It just didn’t fit the vibe of the whole thing, but I mean…
Jack: Just being around that guy was awesome.
Rian: We wouldn’t trade it for the world. And hopefully, we have all intentions of working with him again at some point. Hopefully he’s not too busy with that whole Blink 182 thing.
Jack: Whatever that is.