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Interview | All Time Low

October 19, 2008
Conducted by: Megan Washington and Beth Ann Bourquardez
Photo Credit: Bryan Sheffield
Check the audio interview out here!

* We’ve heard some rumors that you guys have been working on your third album?
That’s not true. We’re Breaking up.

* Really? That’s unfortunate.
No, it is true. We’re not recording yet. Before this tour we had a month off. I spent that at home locked in my room writing new songs. We have about nine right now that are ready to go. Then, yeah, we’re taking this winter off because it sucks touring in the winter. And yea, we’re gonna record then.

* We heard that, possibly, Mark Hoppus might be on it?
I don’t know if he’s going to be on it. I wrote a song with Mark Hoppus awhile ago. So, that’s probably where that rumor came from. I would love to have him sing on the album. That would be something huge for us. I don’t know if that’s going to happen. We’ll see.

* How is the material going to be different when you guys start recording the album?
It’s going to be better. Alot better. I don’t know. We’ve learned alot over the past year and a half. Um, I think we know how to write songs now. We’re a little less cloudy on what’s good and what’s not good. I don’t think we’re gonna make any drastic changes to our sound, that’s not really us, but it will definitely see some more diversity on the record, I guess. One of the big things that we were kinda bummed about with the last record was that from front to back it was all very similar. There wasn’t a whole lot of change in the mood or atmosphere or anything throughout the whole thing. So this time around, for better or worse, we definitely want to explore some other vibes.

* Your tour is called, “Compromising of Integrity, Morality & Principles in Exchange for Money Tour.” So, what kind of morals are you guys trying to get rid of in exchange for money?
Um, I sell my body on the street. (laughs) Everyday. I fuck for cash. I dress like an Asian woman. No, um, the name of the tour is kind of just a joke. It was, before this tour because of all the MTV stuff that was happening, you know, the more exposure we were getting I guess… people were just saying that we were becoming sellouts. You know, that’s what happens when bands find some success. It kinda sucks. We’ve seen it happen to alot of bands. So, yeah, it was kind of just a play on that. We were kind of just being ironic, ya know?

* In the “Poppin’ (Champagne)” video, you guys had midgets, fun costumes and there was…
One midget. Just one.

* One midget, okay. (laughs)
A singular midget.

* What was the story behind that? Did you guys think of the idea for that?
(laughs) Um, yeah, well kind of. That video was sort of just something fun to do. We were handed money to make a video and we just kind of thought of all the ridiculous things we could spend the money on. Um, so yeah, we learned a dance routine, and had a pot of gold full of clothing. And a sweet car.

* There’s also a poll on your Myspace asking what you should be for Halloween. Are you guys partial to any of the ideas?
I really want to dress up as a skeleton.

* Are you going to have a jack-o-lantern too and fill it with candy?
Yeah, probably! It’s pretty important. Candy on Halloween.

* This is your first headlining tour, right?
It is, well… yeah….

* How has it been different compared to being one of the supporting acts on other tours?
I don’t know. It’s cool to see the kids actually stay for us. We didn’t really know what to expect out of the tour. It’s been amazing. It’s cool being able to pick the bands that you want to be able to take out. Have alot of time to play all the songs you want to play; Not really having to worry about stepping on anybodys feet. So yeah, it’s been really cool.

* We talked to There For Tomorrow and they said you guys were one of their favorite bands to tour with.
Hell yeah.

* Do you guys have a favorite band that you like to tour with?
I think I’d have to throw it right back at them. They were some of the sweetest dudes ever. I love those kids. I hope we get to tour again because we only got to tour with them for a short time. We took them out on a ten day run. In the future I’d definitely like to do something more long term.

* Urban Dictionary says that you guys are an amazing band with catchy lyrics. So if somebody was to ask you what the definition…
You should definitely trust Urban Dictionary. (laughs) That shit never lies!

* If you had to have another definition if somebody asked you, what would you say? (laughs)
Dirty, sweaty fun.

* With internet downloading, illegal internet downloading, do you guys think that’s helped or hurt All Time Low?
Helped. Without a doubt, yeah. All that bullshit about how it’s killing bands’ careers is completely untrue. It’s killing– it’s killing record labels. It’s completely erasing the need for record labels. When it comes down to it the easier it is for people to access material of the band, the better it is for the band. You could be a no-name group out of fucking Venezuela and you could have the biggest song in American just because of– you know, just because you made it on the front page of Myspace for a day, or something like that. So, it’s really important. I think, I think uh, I don’t give a fuck. As long as you have the music and you come to the shows. It’s all about live performance. That’s how music started, so that’s– at the core– that’s the important part.