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Interview | Aaron Kelly

August 4, 2010 –
By: Natalie Rosado | Filmed By: Megan Washington
Label: N/A
Video Interview: Available here.
Official Website: 

* You’re originally from Florida, so do you miss the beach?
Aaron: I do miss the beach. You know, it’s really cool because our hotel is right off the water this morning.

* That’s what I heard.
Aaron: It’s so beautiful out there. I’m actually going to be seeing some family and stuff and we’re going to hang out on the beach and stuff. I’m excited about that.

* Very cool. So, you are going to be a senior in high school. Is that correct?
Aaron: Yes, M’am. I’m actually trying to finish up my senior year while I’m on tour so that way I can be done. I’m moving to Nashville after the tour so I can work on furthering my career.

* So does that mean you’re not going to go to prom then? Are you going to miss out on that?
Aaron: Ummm, probably not going to get to go to my prom, but I mean, I’m pretty much getting my life on track and so I’m pretty much preparing for my life. If I have to miss my prom, that’s okay I guess.

* Prom, Career? Prom, Career?
Aaron: That’s right. I mean, I’ve got to focus on where things are going to go from here and I’m very much focused on that.

* Have you ever given a thought about any colleges?
Aaron: Not yet. Right now I’m going to focus on career because I can always go to school. I haven’t put anytime into really looking at that yet.

* If you do go to school, what is it that you would take up? Would it have anything to do with music or do you have a passion somewhere else?
Aaron: I’m not sure what I would go to school for. Maybe photography or something interesting besides music. I don’t know, the chances of me going to school—I haven’t really even thought about—I think if I don’t work out with music, I’ll probably go into the songwriting field because you know songwriting is also something that I’m very passionate about.

* So music has always been a big part of your life.
Aaron: Oh, yes, M’am. It’s always been something that’s huge for me, songwriting as well. It’s a different side of music. I mean, it’s not just the singing. It’s the words and what you write about—what’s important to you. So, the songwriters play as much of an important part as the singer because the artist is pretty much telling the story of each song. That’s another thing I like about songwriting.

* When you wake up in the morning and you’re like on a tour bus, or you’re in a hotel, do you feel that this is crazy that you’re here at this point in your life at such a young age?
Aaron: I think it’s very—it’s hard to—it’s very surreal. It doesn’t feel real. You wake up in the morning and it’s so early on the tour bus, because we get off of our tour buses early in the morning and then we go into our hotel rooms, and then we check out and go to the venue. Then we leave for the next place. It’s hard to think about because we’re moving around so much and there’s a lot going on, but I haven’t taken the time, honestly, to take it all in right now. You can bet that every time we go out to the Meet & Greets and there’s fans screaming your name, that feels good. It definitely feels something.

* When you do sit down and take the time to think about things that are going on, is there anything that you miss from back home? Miss from before American Idol, maybe like your mom’s cooking?
Aaron: (laughs) I miss my puppy from back home.

* What kind of dog is it?
Aaron: He’s a Cockapoo. He’s my little buddy. I mean, he’s the little brother of my family, like everybody loves him. I mean, just because I’m the smallest on tour, so I’m the little brother on tour, but yeah, I miss having my little buddy there with me. But like I said, I’m getting my life on track and these are thing that I’m going to get to see again—always. You know, I can go back home and see my family and those guys whenever I want after the tour.

* You mentioned a few minutes ago about fans. So of coarse when you’re touring and you get to your destination, there’s always fans hanging outside of places your playing, your hotel, your tour bus. So do you ever spend time before hand meeting them?
Aaron: I do.

* Has anything crazy happened with any fans yet on the tour?
Aaron: Well, I think Tim has the craziest fans, I have to say. Yesterday I actually met his pecs on twitter. Tim’s pecs and Tim’s pants. Yes, (laughs) they had twitter names.

* How’d that meeting go?
Aaron: That was—they were nice. They didn’t want anything to do with me, so I mean, it was…

* It was a person?
Aaron: Yes, they go by @timspecs on Twitter (laughs). He has a variety of names. There’s—I think he said the recent one was his chin—@timschin. So, there’s one for everything. That’s something interesting—meeting all of Tim’s body parts on Twitter. It’s really cool getting to meet all of the fans on tour, and all of the supporters. Yeah, it’s really funny. I mean, Tim was really excited about meeting his pecs because(laughs) it’s really funny to talk about. We were going to go out and meet the fans and I said I’d go with him, so he was looking for his pecs. It’s funny to say that. It’s funny to say that he is looking for his pecs. It’s funny.

* If you could pick one song that still in ten years would describe this summer and this experience, what would it be and why?
Aaron: That’s a tough choice. To describe this entire summer, in ten years? That’s like really tough. I don’t know actually, what would be a perfect song. But, I mean, I can say it’s been an incredible journey and it’s something I’m going to remember for the rest of my life. I don’t know, just to squeeze everything into one song, from this summer, would be totally hard. Really hard.