Interview | 3OH!3

July 11, 2008 –
By: Megan Washington and Jessica Crawford

• So your album just came out on the 8th. Can you tell people what to expect if they haven’t picked it up yet?
There’s music on it. It has an insert.
Nathaniel: There’s a couple of pictures on the insert.

• Is it in a plastic case?
I think it’s in a plastic case, yeah. Well it depends on what format.
Sean: If you get it on itunes it doesn’t.

• So for our listeners, what kind of music is it?
Most of it is all electronic in the electronic realm, hip-hop inspired. There’s rapping in it, there’s singing, catchy hooks. There’s a piano ballad on it. There’s all different stuff.
Nathaniel: It’s the kind of stuff that we always like to hear and like to make.
Sean: Yeah.

• If someone hasn’t listened to you guys before, what track would you suggest for them to listen to first?
All of them. At the same time.

• That would be kind of hard.
(all laugh)
Nathaniel: We have a single that’s out, “Don’t Trust Me,” the third song on the record.

• Just a fun question now, if you guys could be super heros, what would your super powers be?
(laughs) I think my super power would be being able to poop on the tour bus. When you’re on the road, you can’t do that normally.
Nathaniel: I think we’re on the same wavelength here. My power would be the ability to make the poop on the bus not smell. (laughs)