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Interview | 311

October 25, 2002
By: Shana Loupe and Robert Acosta
Label: Volcano

• Many young artists around can not get noticed, even underground wise because they do not fit a certain genre, what do you think could help these artists?
Nick Hexum:
I don’t think you have to fit a certain genre to get noticed…you just have to excel at what you do and somehow separate your band from the pack. 311 certainly didn’t fit a certain genre when we started out…but we were able to get noticed because we were passionate about putting on great live shows. We put everything we had into our performances – and people eventually took notice.

• A new album is being worked on, and you guys are playing songs for the fans to test them out. Well, I will be probably the millionth person to say this, but they are getting GREAT feedback. Is there any info on the album that is not out there already?
I don’t really know what info is out there at this point…but basically we’re recording the album at The Hive, which is our own studio in Hollywood. We just finished a major studio renovation – so this is the first time we’ve really been able to record a complete album at our own studio. It’s been a massive undertaking – but we’re all really happy about it. We’re also recording with Ron Saint Germain again – he produced the Blue album and From Choas. I think the album will have a great balance of hard rocking songs and more melodic songs in the classic 311 styles…and I think there will also be some new elements on this record that haven’t really been introduced on other albums. I’ve been listening to a lot of Beatles and Led Zeppelin and I think some of that type of rock influence might shine through on a few songs.

• Do you guys ever realize that most of your fans are really hardcore and devoted to 311? What do you think of these fans and starstruck fans who may be “eager” to meet you?
We’ve always had a lot of respect and appreciation for our fans. It’s known throughout the music industry that 311 has the most loyal and hardcore fans. We’re really proud of that. It’s a dream come true to connect with so many cool people.

• Why do you think the mainstream is not really into 311? Although, the band might end up like Incubus and have a large following of teeny boppers. It seems the nation could use some good positive music right now, any comments?
It’s strange because a lot of people see us as a totally underground band and then some people see us as a mainstream success…so I don’t really know where we fit in. Probably somewhere in the middle…and we kind of like it that way. I think we’ve never been a household name because the mainstream media hasn’t really embraced 311. Whether it’s reaching the mainstream or not, I think our style of positive music is still reaching a lot of people…and as long as we can play shows and have a rocking crowd there singing along then we’ll keep doing it.

• The question everyone is asking…it came out that you are going to be putting out a live video/dvd hopefully, and that you chose a place, what place and why? And other than it being too hard for you all to look at the 311 Day footage, why not release that?
The next live release is actually a Pay Per View concert that we filmed in Los Angeles. It should be available on Pay Per View in December or January. As soon as we know for sure we’ll post the info on

• Musically/Spiritually/Entertainmently, what is 311 into right now?
Right now we’re deep into 311…we’re all focused on making a great new album.

• Ok, we ask every band this just for fun, do you like pineapple?

This interview is dedicated to the memory of Robert Acosta who passed away January 26, 2006. We would also like to thank 311 for dedicating a song to Robert at 311 Day last year.